WDYT of my baby names!?

Rate/comment on my favorite names!




Caroline (CARE-O-LINE not CARE-O-LYNN; I hate Carolyn)

Kennan (KEN-AN, rhymes with Brennan)


Adeline (Again, it's ADD-A-LINE not ADD-A-LYNN)

Leighton (LAY-TON)







Robinson (I am engaged, not pregnant though, and this will be my maiden name so I want to use it)






*I'm sort of short on boy's names. Any suggestions that fit with my others? I like unique names but not totally out there names. I hate mispelled and made up names.

**So which ones do you love? Hate?

Thanks for your help!



Kay: Jude as a girls name? Never heard it use for a girl....

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  • Apogee
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    Harper - surname, hate it, very masculine

    Eloise - excellent

    Caroline - very nice

    Kennan - awful

    Quinn - surname, awful

    Adeline - very nice

    Leighton - surname hate it, very masculine

    Luna - okay

    Emmaline - okay

    Sawyer - surname, hate it, extremely masculine

    Amelia - very nice

    Phoenix - no

    Robinson - great as a middle name with that reasoning

    Noah - good

    Keller - surname, awful

    Paxton - meh

    Sullivan - surname, awful

    Jude - okay

  • 9 years ago


    Harper (3,

    Eloise (5)

    Caroline (4)

    Kennan (4)

    Quinn (2)

    Adeline (5, This one is pretty cute)

    Leighton (4)

    Luna (3)

    Emmaline (7, I like this name)

    Sawyer (2, it,s cute for a boy, not not too cute for a girl.)

    Amelia (10, this name is adorable for a little girl :)

    Phoenix (2 again, cute for a boy, but not too cute for a girl)


    Robinson (7 I like the idea of using your maiden name for your sons first name)

    Noah (9 love this name)

    Keller (3)

    Paxton (4)

    Sullivan (6)

    Jude (5)

  • Calla
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    I love Eloise, Caroline, Amelia & Emmeline. I prefer Sawyer for a boy. I like Harper. I love Quinn for both a boy & girl. I am not a fan of Kennan, Adeline, Leighton, Luna or Phoenix. I love Noah, Sullivan & Jude. I am not a fan of Keller & Paxton. I love Robinson for a middle name.

    I've heard Jude for a girl before but I would only use it as a middle name for a girl. I love Lila Jude.

  • 9 years ago

    Harper 1/10 absolutely awful

    Eloise 3/10 Meh. Kind of gross sounding.

    Caroline 9/10 It's absolutely beautiful. I know a Caroline and she is beautiful, intelligent, and kind.

    Kennan 4.5/10 It's alright, but masculine.

    Quinn 7.5/10 Cute. I also know a (male) Quinn. He's very quirky (in a good way) and funny.

    Adeline 5/10 Not bad, but not good

    Leighton 2/10 Masculine, unattractive sounding

    Luna 0/10000 JUST NO PLEASE DON'T D:

    Emmaline 5/10 meh

    Sawyer 7/10 Kind of cute. It is masculine, but it...works.

    Amelia 6.5/10 Different, cute, but does bug me for some reason

    Phoenix 3/10 semi-unattractive, masculine and DOESN'T work

    Robinson 6/10 Unique, but just meh sounding

    Noah 2/10 Unattractive, every Noah I know I dislike

    Keller 3/10 Different, but I just don't like it

    Paxton 1/10 Just no

    Sullivan 4/10 It's alright I guess

    Jude 6/10 Cute, but has spiked in popularity recently

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  • Remy
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    I see these names all the time on baby boards and they seem to be on everyone's list.

    Of the girls, I like Harper (which is super popular right now), Caroline (which is popular, but has the benefit of being a classic) and Amelia (again, classic). The rest are just too trendy and popular for my taste.

    Of the boy's names, I really like Robinson. Mostly because it actually means something to you and isn't just a name you got out of a book. Using the mother's or grandmother's maiden name for a first name is how we've gotten popular names like Austin, Hunter, Taylor, and MacKenzie. You're just lucky that your maiden name isn't quite as common.

  • 9 years ago

    My favorites of your girls' are Harper & Leighton. Amelia, Adeline, Eloise, Luna, and Emmaline are also pretty! I like Quinn too because it is unique!

    From boys, I only like Noah.

  • 9 years ago

    Harper- 1/10

    Eloise- 5/10

    Caroline- 9/10

    Kennan- 0/10

    Quinn- 1/10

    Adaline- 1/10

    Leighton- 0/10

    Luna- 0/10

    Emmaline- 1/10, I'd like Emma much better.

    Sawyer- 0/10

    Amelia- 6/10

    Phoenix- are you kidding?

    Robinson- 0/10 last name...

    Noah- 10/10 great!

    Keller- 1/10 unless you're a Keller Williams fan, then I'd rate it higher.

    Paxton- 0/10

    Sullivan- this is also a last name....

    Jude- 7/10

  • Kennan doesn't sound right. Sawyer is a surname along with Robinson and Sullivan. Keller I don't like it at all.

    I don't see any of the others getting mispronounced at all.

  • 9 years ago

    Quinn for a girl! Instead of Leighton, Maybe Leigh or Leighanne

    Maybe Luke for a boy or Lucas.

    I'm partial to Leighton as my classmate,who passed away, had the last name Leighton.

  • Beeds
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Harper- really cute

    Eloise- kinda cute kinda old lady ish

    Caroline- cute


    Quinn- cute


    Leighton- yuck

    Luna- YUCK

    Emmaline- cute

    Sawyer- A boys name that WILL NOT work on a girl

    Amelia- cute

    Phoenix- bird name


    Robinson - would be okay as a middle name not first

    Noah- love it

    Keller- cute

    Paxton- love it

    Sullivan- ok


    put Sawyer on your boys name. Its cute on a boy

  • 9 years ago

    Literally it is creepy how similar our taste in names is! I LOVE most of these names! The only ones that I am unsure of are Kennan for a girl and Sullivan for a boy. All the others I love!!

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