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What kind of investment fund type I should take?

Hello there, I'm planning to reallocate my investment in bank to asset management firm since the investment growth in bank isn't so promising.. And since AMF offered many investment portfolios such as mutual, closed end, ETF, hedge funds, private equity funds, and real estate ; I need to know which one is the best investment choice judging from its prospect for long term and protection against the crisis that had been going on right now ?

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    I think mutuals and ETFs (exchange traded funds) are the best way to have a relatively safe market investment in this economy that will give a decent return.

    These funds are managed by financial professionals who watch the fund performance on a daily basis, and adjust the individual investments according to the market. So, unless the market completely tanks, they can see trends and make trades to lessen the blow of a declining market. And, they can do the same thing in a rising market to maximize the fund's return.

    And basically, the difference between a mutual fund and an ETF is that a specific mutual fund is offered by a particular investment company (like Fidelity), where an ETF is actually traded on the open market, like a stock.

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