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analogy for being a woman in the time of the witch trails?

this is my school paper so far, problem is i need a quote! can you find me one???

ITS ON THE CRUCIBLE!!! this it so far.

No, John Proctor should not have destroyed his confession. He had the choice between life and death, why on earth would he have chosen death? His wife needed him! Living back then without a husband, for a woman is practically impossible. Proctor knew this; yet let himself die, leaving his wife Elizabeth all alone.

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  • 9 years ago
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    not sure what you are looking for here.

    but i can tell you why proctor didn't confess.

    you need to first understand the true motivation of the witch trials - which aside from stupid childish hysteria, was financial.

    when a person confessed to witchcraft, i believe they lost all of their property.

    so the hundreds being accused of witchcraft was a financial boom to those who received this ill-gotten wealth.

    though, i'd look this up to confirm if i were you.

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