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when ever i see food i feel like im gonna hurl please tell me why?

so on that collage Commercial i see the corn dogs with mustard and it makes me so sick also when i see cooking shows, and when people eat on television is this some sort of mental health problem im 14 about 140 and 5'5. in ninth grade an when i was in 7th grade i was bulimic.

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    was the bulimia successfully treated? It sounds like you still have issues with that which have not been resolved. It's not just about physically not doing it anymore it's the reason why you did it in the first place. Was it a control issue? You've been making bad associations with food because it's linked to your emotions and the control etc.You need to somehow disassociate food with feelings. You can't do that alone, you should seek help incase you end up bulimic again. I'm not an expert on this but you should talk to someone professional who can help you.

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    uhm advantageous eww throwing up on your hair lol i hate throwing up enormously in case you maintain throwing up., yet unfortunantly your abdomen runs out of stuff to puke from and that i start up gagging!!!

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