What are the odds that Jack Del Rio is fired this season?

"The Jaguars (1-5) made the field goal and got the ball back with a minute left, but failed to mount another threat. It gave the team its first five-game losing streak in a decade and matched the worst start in franchise history, which came during Del Rio's first season."

They had a chance to win against Carolina, Cincinatti, and Pittsburgh. Each time scored a TD in the 4th quarter and Jacksonville failed to score more than 3 points in every forth quarter.


Odds are they would have had a better season with Garrard but regardless they should be running the ball 25 times a game and Maurice Jones Drew has had games with 15 carries. That falls completely on the coaching staffs shoulders.

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    Being a Jaguars fan... I have a strong feeling Del Rio will be gone after this season. Probably 95% sure unless a miricle happens, and even if the Jaguars get close to .500 this year.. I still want Del Rio gone. He's done nothing to impress anybody in his tenure with Jacksonville. He has been VERY inconsistant. If you remember, the Jags would be good one season, bad the next. Good the following season. bad the next. Never could he get the jags over the hump. And now is a Below .500 head coach.

    Del Rio was given one more shot. this season. Wayne Weaver & Gene Smith gave him one more chance. And look whats happened? We are back to square one. Starting out wiht the same record he did in his first season as head coach. Granted... The Jaguars have been in every game except the Jets game where McCown threw 4 INT's, Garrard MAY have given them a win or two... maybe not. He played horrible in preseason and was given every opportunity to take the ball and run with it. Figured having competition with Gabbert would improve his gameplay just like it did when Leftwich was here. He played worse than both McCown and Gabbert which called for his release.

    I definatly would have liked to see Gabbert sit longer than he did and learn the offense. And Garrard WOULD have been a great person to learn from, but his bad play exiled that decison. Now Gabbert is learning on the fly, with well below average recievers. Last week, if they had thier starting Offensive line... I think the jaguars take that game from teh Steelers. Gabbert was sacked 5 times last week, and was hurried MORE than that. He was ansy and threw passes too early. MOST quarterbacks will do that with the acception of the elite QBs.

    Their Defense is stacked, though the points look bad... a lot of it had to do with lack of offense, and HORRIBLE punting by Matt Turk. Next season if the Jaguars can draft a guy like Justin Blackmon, or a HIGH Profile WR in the draft. I think they'll rise up and be the shock team next season.

    As for Del Rio... he won't be wearing Teal next season, and if this losing and poor decision making continues.... He won't be wearing teal in week 17 either.

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    8 years ago

    They were talking about firing him last season, but they gave him this season as a last chance. Getting rid of Gerrard was a mistake and a 1-5 start probably means missing the playoffs. Either way Del Rio is gone and should return to a position coaching job or a coordinator before he even thinks about being a head coach again.

  • 8 years ago

    The odds should be high but then again Del Rio should have been fired long ago. The Jags ownership is starting to resemble what the Lions ownership did all those years. Too clueless and cheap to make the changes they know are necessary.

  • 8 years ago

    Dude! You can't blame everything on the coach. There are the front office pukes, the players and even the fans. Granted, most of it might be the coach...or it might not. Look at everything before assigning blame, eh?

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  • If they get swpet by the Colts, 100%. lol.

  • 8 years ago

    80% will get fired this year

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