Can the police department in Ohio be sued for killing the Bengal Tigers and Lions when they could have used a?

Since Bengal Tigers are very endangered, can the police department in Ohio be sued for killing them this week? They could have used tranquilizers and bring them to a zoo, but they killed them. So my question is are there any ground for this type of a lawsuit? Does one need to live in the same state in order to sue that particular state? The police didn't have to kill them they very well could have shot them with tranquilizer darts and brought them to a zoo. These are endangered animals which makes it worse. I feel the sheriff needs to be held accountable for giving the orders to shoot to kill. He could have asked the zoo's for help in capturing these animals.

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  • Bruce
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    8 years ago
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    No, they won't get sued.

    The drug used in a tranquilizer must be calculated by weight. Because there were 40 animals with different weights, they would have to spot the animal, estimate his weight, and prepare a dart. The animal would never stick around that long.

    These animals probably spent their entire life in a cage, so they would be confused and afraid. A caretaker there said they hadn't been fed since Monday, so they would also be very hungry. The danger was far too great for humans to experiment with a tranquilizer.

    Source(s): Law enforcement since 1991
  • krase
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    3 years ago

    As tragic because the lack of the tigers used to be , there's an over using trouble of public defense . The timing might now not had been worse for the animals . With darkness coming and the tranquilizers and weapons hours away , the police both acted or took the risk of giant public endangering . The sheriff IMMEDIATELY contacted the gurus and the tranquilizers had been used the following morning ..

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Im not being funny but how could they use tranquillizers when they don't have any? They wouldnt exactly have a big stock of them & they had to think fast there was no time to fart about asking the zoo to help them and these exotic, wild animals where let out into a human community and peoples lifes where ib danger so at the end of the day they had to choose animals lifes over humans and i know what one i would pick and im sure if you were in that possition you would cut all the moral crap and do the same

  • Dan B
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    8 years ago

    Not a chance of it going to court. Police are not armed with tranquilizers nor are they trained to mix the correct dose. It's ludicrous to think that would have been an option. Tranquilizers must be matched to the size of the animal being tranquilized. One tranquilizer drug could be fatal to another type of animal. You can't give an elephant sized dose to a smaller animal without risk of an OD. Might just as well shoot the animal with a gun. The risk to humans was greater. The animals need to be located before too much time elapsed. Then it would be much harder to locate them and humanely capture them. The person who should be held accountable is dead. You have no basis for a lawsuit and I really doubt anyone or group has a basis for a lawsuit against the sheriff.

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  • SarahT
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    8 years ago

    Animals can't sue. And you can only sue for damages that YOU were subject to. So unless they were YOUR tigers that you were going to make money off of, YOU can't sue either. And even in that instance, tigers are illegal to keep as pets, so you wouldn't get anything anyway.

    Endangered or not, a tiger on the loose is definitely a problem that needed to be dealt with. The zoo likely doesn't have the equipment or room to take care of and transport over 30 big cats (and that doesn't take into account the other animals that also escaped) spread out across the countryside.

    I see nothing wrong with what they did. If you want to blame someone, blame the guy that was keeping over 50 exotic animals as pets and then set them free to be shot.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Sure, they can be sued. You can sue anyone for anything. The ASPCA/ACLU is probably doing it right now.

    But, cops rarely get indicted or depts. held accountable. Only, usually, a claim against the city is honored for simple monetary loss (risk management), not really applicable here, and , not even all of those are granted.

    The only foot to stand on is the cops weren't qualified as animal control officers. Still, that's grasping at straws, as this is an emergency operation, the cops acted in good conscience to protect the community, not maliciously. They also have better lawyers, more time, Judges side with cops.

    Anime: Incredible. Appeal. Go to ACLU , they Love these kinds of suits. Don't just Roll over and Take it.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Apparently you haven't figured out the difference between police officers and zookeepers. While, in a sense, criminals can be compared to wild animals, police officers aren't trained to deal with actual wild animals.

    Of course, that probably won't stop some bleeding heart from filing a lawsuit, and then forever after, police departments across the country will have to attend two-day training sessions in how to deal with escaping lions, tigers, and skunks.

  • Morons can sue just about anybody for just about anything.

    If you'll pay attention....MANY MANY experts have sided with the law enforcement officials who were protecting people. It's obviously unfortunate...but it needed to be done.

    You seem to know very little about this incident other than that animals were shot and killed.

    Stop being ignorant.

  • 8 years ago


    people was in danger with them being out like that a human life id more important if the animal would of killed a child then you wouuld be asking why didn't the police do something sooner

  • Huh?
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    8 years ago

    You don't have standing to sue...

    They have no expertise in safely capturing wild animals and the public safety was at stake, a decision had to be made, even if you could sue you would have no case.

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