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Should I make major repairs to my car before I sell it?

My 2000 Ford Mustang is a piece of crap at the moment. The fuel tank leaks when it's filled more than three quarters of the way, the windshield is cracked, there are problems with the transmission, and the electrical system drains any battery if the car is left in the garage for more than three days. Would it be worth it to have it repaired before selling it or should I give it up for cheap to a used car place?

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    It all depends on the return on your investment. See how much it will cost to have all that fixed. Then compare it to how much you can get for it when you sell it fixed versus what it would sell for before you make any repairs. You may find out it will cost you more to fix it than the car is worth.

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    Sell it on the street you will get more for it, just let the person know, I'd run an ad on craigslist and put what's wrong with it, a used car place will offer u like 500 for it, I've been buying and selling for years, I'd put that car up for about 2000-2500 any where there ballpark, and see what offers you get

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    you could take them to small claims courtroom yet in simple terms have a 50/50 hazard of triumphing. Used automobiles are bought "AS IS". Have the final mechanic provide you a letter to the courtroom explaining what he got here upon and that the broking had to have been responsive to the subject concerns previous to the sale. Take pictures of the subject concerns additionally and need you get a sympathetic choose. stable success

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    take what you can get out of it but tell the person looking at it what is all wrong with it first. sit it in the yard and throw a sale sign in the window. get all you can from it, put more with it and get a good used car.

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  • You should talk to my friend @thestangdoc on Twitter. He can point you in the right direction. Dude knows EVERYTHING about Mustangs.

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