Music making software with Violin, Trumpet, Bell, Snare and Bass drum?

Well, I am working on some stuff, (Animating, character design and such) and one of my character's musical styles, include the above mention, mostly based off of the genres, Celtic, Ska, orchestral, along with some Punk Rock somewhere in there. I know that sounds way to much trouble, but that's my problem, I am looking for a music making program/software that has the instruments above.

I would very much prefer somethings that easy to use, (maybe something that has interface that doesn't use a music sheet style, like what some music DSiware does), or at least has a really, really good tutorial, and hopefully something that is easy to just screw around with at first and experiment before the actual project.

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  • 9 years ago
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    use linux multimedia studio or LMMS.

    its a bit complex so you might even like to try temper or darkwave studio or hydrogen.

    temper would suite you i guess

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