How can i start a clothing business?

I need opinions from an experienced people. From the very start on what to do?

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    10 years ago
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    Whether you are starting a clothing business or any other business I would follow these following steps...Don't skip any of them. Ps. I will give you a bullet or two under each area but it is much more involved than that.

    1. Do a self assessment of is a very competitive field/ what are your reasons for wanting to start this business.

    2. Assess your entrepreneurial potential:

    -Key areas that your life will be different (such as $$$)

    3. Select and Define your business Clothing - but what is unique about it.

    -Define "What Business you plan on being in)

    3. Write a business plan.

    -Don't write the plan for the banks or the SBA. Write it as a strategic plan for today and tomorrow. Its your first road-map.

    4. Market Analysis

    - Perform a SWOT Analysis. SWOT stand for Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats...VERY VERY Important

    5. Craft a marketing plan

    -The sales or revenue forecast.

    -The action plan or marketing strategy that explains how the revenue will be attained.

    6. Craft a Financial Plan

    -How will you arrange the capital to fund your business.

    -Financial analysis

    7. Plan the Organization

    - For a corporation: S corp C Corp, LLC, etc...

    8. People , places and things

    - Figure out insurances, staffing

    9. Create a plan of action

    -put the pieces together: Key components are Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Financing, Organization.Be date specific. Stay to your plan.

    10. Calculate Numbers

    -Put together a forecast for revenues and expenses for next 4 years.

    -Establish B/E or Break Even and other financial calcs.

    I hoped this helped. It breaks starting a Clothing business down to 10 bite sized pieces. PS I know what you may be thinking. Don't skip these you may find that your business talents are in a specific niche of clothing.



    -focus on managerial skills in your plan.



  • SETI
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    10 years ago

    Your best bet is to do your own name brand and sell online. Just yourself to start up.

    If your thinking about a production line operation, forget it.

    Clothing is made in Asia with very low production costs.

    That can not be matched in US or in Europe.

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