Crucible Help PLEASE!!!?

My teacher sucks at teaching, helping, or anything related to her job, so please, HELP!

Act II

1. Describe John and Elizabeth Proctor's relationship in the first scene.

2. Why can John Proctor not go immediately to the court to expose Abigail when he first hears of the trials?

3. What duty has mary Warren been performing in Salem?

4. WHat does Elizabeth report to her husband about the trials in Salem, and what does she urge him to do?

5. WHy does John agree to talk to Abigail? WHat will he tell her?

6. What gift does Mary Warren present to Elizabeth?

7. Why does Reverend Hale come to the Proctor house?

8. What are some of the ways in which Hale questions Proctor and his wife about their religious faith? How does Proctor answer each of the questions and allegations?

9. Why do Francis Nurse and Giles Corey come to the Proctor house?

10. WHy does Eziekel Cheever appear at the Proctor house?

11. How did Abigail find a way of officially accusing Elizabeth?

12. How does Hale explain the arrests of such good women as Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, and Elizabeth?

13. What is John Proctor's plan at the end of Act II?


1. As the act opens up, who is being interrogated, and on what charge?

2. What is Mary Warren prepared to tell the court?

3. Why are Proctor, Corey and Nurse in court? WHat have they brought with them? WHat does the judge decide to do with this evidence?

4. What two facts about John Proctor does Eziekel Cheever feel he is forced to reveal to Danforth?

5. What compromise, or deal, does Danforth offer to Proctor? WHat is Proctor's response?

6. What is the judge's concern about Proctor's motives in accepting evidence from him?

7. What charge does Corey make against Putnam?

8. Why will Corey not divulge his source?

9. How does Abigail threaten Danforth?

10. What confession does Proctor make in open court? How does Danforth test the truth of this confession?

11. Why does Elizabeth lie?

12. What device do Abigail and the other girls use to drive Mary Warren over the brink of hysteria?

13. Why is Proctor arrested?

14. How does John Hale show his disapproval of the arrest of Proctor?

I really need the help because of the test tomorrow, and I'm drowning on even the basic questions.

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    These are indeed basic questions, and are only plot related. The only way you'd have a problem answering them would be if you hadn't read the material. In which case, I suggest the SparkNotes for the play, and that next time you take the time to read it and answer any questions as you go along (before you forget any answers).

    It's really a good play, it'd be a shame that you miss it.

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