What government structure does Yolo County have?

Yolo County is a county in California; I'm curious about the specific government structure but I'm not in the mood to browse their site. Anyone want to help encourage my laziness?

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    2010/11 Actions to Support Long-Term Strategic Plan Goals

    Since the inception of the Yolo County Strategic Plan in 2007, action agendas have been developed which support the Board of Supervisors long-term goals. Attached is a list of actions likely to occur in 2010/11. Progress on these actions will include consideration of the impact on the General Fund along with long-term fiscal sustainability.

    Goal: Financially Sustainable County Government

    Initiate plan for long-term fiscal sustainability

    Create reserve policy

    Establish parks and roads development impact fees

    Educate residents on costs and value of county services

    Pursue local revenue raising options

    Pursue recovery zone bonds to bring sales, transient occupancy tax and property tax

    Identify owned warehouse facility and consolidate all county storage needs

    Protect and preserve primary sources of county revenue

    Pursue other possible sources of revenue

    Goal: Environmentally Sensitive and Quality County Infrastructure, Facilities and Technology

    Complete solar project at justice campus and shift solar project from Department of Employment & Social Services to West Sacramento and Winters libraries

    Consolidate buildings where appropriate (i.e., District Attorney, Department of Employment & Social Services Child & Adult Services)

    Pursue grant funding to construct the replacement low-water bridge and finalize memorandum of understanding with the Bureau of Land Management for maintenance of bridge and former County Road 40

    Implement COPlink – records management with other county partners

    Complete Davis library enhancements

    Pursue grant funding to identify, analyze and obtain public input on potential sites for the creation of a State-funded and operated OHV park

    Complete proposal and seek grants for Countywide Agriculture Center

    Reduce carbon footprint by further eliminating fleet vehicles and unnecessary facilities

    Upgrade telecommunications infrastructure as it relates to improving connectivity to branch libraries

    Construct park restoration and facility grant projects at county facilities

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    How many supervisors in Yolo county?

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