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Is Justin Bieber's mom entitled to all his money?

If you don't know Justin Bieber: He is a multimillionaire signer estimated to be worth over $100 million. He is 17 years old, under the care of his mom.

I know his mom is able to completely control his money, but lets say its a day before his birthday, can his mom take everything he has and blow him off? Is there anything that covers this type of thing happening to younger teenagers?

If you don't know, please do not answer, please explain the law or what ever if you do know.

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    Justin Bieber's mother is entitled to all of his money just so that he doesn't go crazy and spend it all. She gives him like a limit of spending. I think that is how all young celebrities are just so that they don't go crazy spending thousands of dollars everyday. If Justin Bieber asks for money I am sure that his mother will give it to him. She will not take all of Justin's money and blow him off just like that. They are a family and Justin Bieber is extremely close to his parents. I don't think that any parent would do that to their kid unless they never liked their kids in the first place but Justin Bieber has had millions of dollars for years now and his mother has never took his money and blew him off. His mother is probably really happy with her life Justin Bieber takes her on vacations, to award shows, he bought his mother a house in Los Angeles, California last year and a lot of other things. Justin Bieber doesn't just spend his money on himself he helps out others and he gives back. I don't even think that its illegal to take money from someone else and blow them off. I really cannot see that happening. Justin and his mother are like finger cross close.

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    No she can not do that. After Shirley Temple(Black) lost all her childhood money due to her parents. Child labor laws here in the USA were changed to protect the kids earnings. Berbers mother can take some for his expenses but it is controlled by law too.

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