why did moses write the genealogy of genesis chapter 5?! 10 PTSSSS!?

I have to take bible class -.- Someone please help me with this!!!!

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    This is also in Genesis. It is when Jacob is about to die and he is blessing and prophesying over his twelve sons. Dan gets left out because he had sinned wery badly, and Joseph's son Manasseh replaced Dan. That gave Joseph a "double Inheritance" that the eldest son receives. Joseph was the eleventh son, but he was the first son of Jacob's favorite wife Rachel. Anyway, here it is. Jacob listed them In this order which is not by the mothers or the ages or any other order. It is simply how Jacob chose to order them.

    Judah Praise the Lord

    Reuben He has looked upon my affliction

    Gad granted good fortune

    Asher Happy am I

    Naphtali my wrestling

    Manasseh has made me forget my sorrow

    Simeon God hears me

    Levi has joined me

    Issachar purchased me

    Zebulun exalted me by

    Joseph adding to me

    Benjamin the Son of his right hand

    "Praise the Lord! He has looked on my affliction (and) granted good fortune. Happy am I. My wrestling has made me forget my sorrows. God hears me, has joined me, purchased me (and) exalted me (by) adding to me the Son of His right hand."

    I don't have the scripture references listed yet, but they start at Genesis 29. I will work on that next, but if you want to you can look them up.

    Methuselaha comes from muth, which means "death", and shalak which means "to bring". Methuselah means "His death shall bring" When he died Noah's flood came.

    adam means "man".

    Seth means "appointed". Eve said "For God has appointed me another seed instead of Abel, who Cain slew".

    Seth's son was named Enosh, which means "mortal"

    Enosh's son was named Kennon which means "sorrow" Names were sometimes picked by what was happening at the time.

    Kennan's son was Mahalalel "The blessed God". "El" means "God". Daniel means "God is my judge"

    Mahalalel"s son was named Jared which means "Shall come down".

    Jared's son was named Enoch, which means "teaching"

    Enoch was the father of Methuselah. The year Methuselah died the flood came.

    Methuselah's son was named Lamech, which means "despairing"

    Lamech's son was Noah, which means "rest" or "comfort"

    Hebrews English

    Adam man

    Seth is appointed

    Enosh mortal

    Kennan sorrow

    Mahalalel the Blessed God

    Jared shall come down

    Enoch teaching

    Methuselah his death shall bring

    Lamech the despairing

    Noah rest

    You can check this out in Genesis. Amazing, isn't it?

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    He probably didn't.

    The chapter has all the characteristics of genealogies written by the Sumerians before 1800 BC. If you want to see a genealogy written by a Hebrew, read Exodus 2 or 3 (I forget where the lineage of Levi is at). Moses also likely wrote the list of the chiefs of Edom (Genesis 36, I think).

    Take a look at this web site:


    Look at the Sumerian Kings List and the Rulers of Lagash. If you were to write out each generation one verse at a time, it would look more like Genesis than the passage in Exodus.

    Notice that before the flood, people lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and just after the flood, life spans began reducing down. Also notice that each line is formatted nearly exactly the same from one generation to the next, with a few brief interludes, such as to tell that the first king of Kish after the flood was lost at sea, the same way Genesis 5 interrupts to tell about Enoch and Lamech.

    The main difference between the Sumerian and Genesis 5 is that the Sumerian tells about how long kings reigned, whereas Genesis tells how long people lived.

    Since Genesis 5 does NOT give the names of all the children in each generation, it's not really a genealogy. Genesis 10 is what a genealogy would look like. Genesis 5 was more likely a legal document that would only name the son who has the birthright. It was probably an inheritance document.

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  • jen
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    Matt.1:1-17; Genealogy to Jesus.

    Gen.5:3, Adam age 130,

    Gen.5:6, Seth age 105, year 235,

    Gen.5:9, Enos age 090, year 325.

    Gen.5:12, Cainan age 70, year 395.

    Gen.5:15, Mahalaleel age 65, year 460,

    Gen.5:18, Jared age 162, year 622,

    Gen.5:21, Enoch age 65, year 687,

    Gen.5:25, Methuselah age 187, year 874,

    Gen.5:28, Lamech age 182, year 1056,

    Gen.7:6, Noah age 600, year 1656, flood.

    Gen.11:10, Shem age 100, year 1658, Arphaxad born.

    Gen.11:11, Shem 500 years age 600, year 2158.

    Gen.11:12, Arphaxad age 35, year 1693,

    Gen.11:14, Salah age 30, year 1723,

    Gen.11:16, Eber age 34, year 1757,

    Gen.11:18, Peleg age 30, year 1787,

    Gen.11:20, Reu age 32, year 1819,

    Gen.11:22, Serug age 30, year 1849,

    Gen.11:24, Nahor age 29, year 1878 Terah Born,

    Gen.11:30, Terah age 205, dies year 2083, Matt.1:1-17,

    Gen.12:4, Abraham age 75, year 2083 covenant.

    Gen.21:5, Abraham age 100, Isaac born, year 2108,

    Gen.25:26; Isaac age 60, Jacob born, year 2168,

    Gen.35:28,29; Isaac age 180, dies year 2288,

    Gen.47:9, Jacob age 130, in Egypt year 2298 - 2083,

    Gen.46:27; 70 people for 215 year old covenant, yr 2298.

    Exo.12:37,41, another 215 yrs[430 yr old covenant] Moses

    year 2513 at Exodus with covenant heirs of Abraham.


    Covenant heirs get the law that leads to Christ Jesus,

    Gal.3:16-26, as he is the fulfilment of the law.

    Covenant heirs number about 600,000, year 2513[ 40 years

    to Deut.34:7, Judges 11:26, 301st year after, year 2854,

    Judge Jair dies, named Judges time adds up to year 2943].


    Acts 13:20,21, Samuel 450 years after Exodus, year 2963,

    410 years after Moses death, 109 years afer Jair, 20 yrs

    after time of last Judge, is age 80, Saul has been king

    14 years, David is age 4 of 70, has 66 yrs, 2Sam.5:4,5,

    to year 3029, in 4 years, 1Ki.6:1[480 years after year

    2553, the year Moses died], year 3033, Solomon began the

    Temple, he has 36 [ of 40] years, 1Ki.11:42, year 3069.

    From Jehoiachin 14 generations to Christ Jesus, Matt.1:1-17,

    Abraham son #20, David son #34, from son #48, Jesus son #62.

    Judah Kings:

    [17, 3, 41, 23, 8, 1, 6, 40,29,52,16,16,29,55,2,31,11,11]

    391st year, year 3460 [ 606 BCE, at 2011 CE ], that was

    2617 years ago, there will be no king but Jesus and his

    first resurrected[Matt.24:3,7,14,15[Daniel's time of the

    end prophecy, Jesus had time to 1st coming, to be cut off,

    then time to 2nd coming, all of it given by Daniel], 606 BCE.

    2300th, 2500th, 2520th, 2580th and Dan.12:1-12[2x 1335 =

    ] 2670 and 2011 is 2617th year], God alone knows the day

    and hour, Matt.24:36], of Christ Jesus second coming to

    reign 1000 years.

    Source(s): Bible
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