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What does "noust" mean?

I'm translating George Mackay Brown's "St Christpher" and came upon an unintelligible piece of text, here it goes:

"Christopher said, sailing back to the NOUST of the island, 'I hope my wife doesn't smell the honey of that kiss (...)"

Another thing that troubles me is "I am going to be married tomorrow in the island with the blue hills."- does it simply mean an island with some blue hills in it, or is there anything else to it (the fragment concers Scottish islands, if that's of any matter)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • tichur
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    10 years ago
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    It appears that the word is used only in Scotland but is a Norse word. From what I have found it means a small bay:

    A noust is any where close to the sea where a small boat can be hauled out for protection from bad weather. It can be either man-made or natural.

    A space between two piers, usually with a small beach is a noust, or a

    natural gap in the cliffs or shore edge can also be a noust.

    scroll down:

    It's the name of a B & B that overlooks Scapa Flow,,,a huge noust

    noust proportionally wider bay

    The Noust of Borwick:

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