Need Help. I do not know the name or any actor in the movie? I was wanting to watch it.?

I was watching a movie about a girl who losses her mother and moves to the country with her nanny. the nanny goes as a promises to her father to always look after the girl. the girl gets a room in the tower. the tower has stars on the ceiling and murals on the walls. the stars move when she is not looking and when she wakes up she has a cooking and milk waiting for you. She also has a dress laid out for her to wear. She does not wear it. she goes to breakfast where her uncles complains about how much the nanny talks. she yells at him and wonders why he invited a bunch of noisy woman to live with him. You learn the father had debt and refused his brothers help with the family money. He sees the girl with a book. the book upsets him and he takes it from the girl. early in the movie the girl was reading the book the story was about two families that live at the edge of town and there children fall in love. there is a lion and unicorn at the wedding. the gift to the bride is a set of beads or pearls that grant wishes good or evil and the story stops. the bride from the story is in a frame outside the little door to the tower bedroom that she was given by her uncle. she is given a list of rules by her uncle that prevent her from going into most of the house including the library where the uncle took her book she was given by her father. she goes to play the piano that just starts to play on it own like magic. she starts to play and this upset the uncle. He takes her riding where he is upset to learn she cannot ride as all members of the family can and should be able to ride. She rides and the uncles leaves her to ride alone. she breaks the uncles rule of not going into the woods where she is unsafe. she was nearly kidnapped by people upon arriving at her uncles. she goes into the woods and is with the same people who tried to take her. only she has no idea why they do not like her and why they are after her."

I only know the beginning of the movie.

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    I haven't seen either of these versions for a very long time, so I might have the wrong story. Yet, this is what came to mind: a b&w and a color version:

    The Dark Angel (1987 TV miniseries)

    starring Peter O'Toole, Beatie Edney, Guy Rolfe, Jane Lapotaire, Barbara Shelley

    IMDb synopsis:

    Maud Ruthyn, a lovely and sensitive girl, is sent to stay with her Uncle Silas Ruthyn, a charismatic rogue who stands to inherit the family fortune~should anything untoward happen to young Maud. With the tyrannical Madame De La Rougierre as her governess, Maud finds that the estate holds terrors beyond her imaginings.

    Here's a trailer:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Uncle Silas (1947)

    aka The Inheritance

    starring Jean Simmons, Derrick De Marney and Katina Paxinou

    IMDb synopsis:

    Caroline Ruthyn is the teenage niece of the Uncle Silas, a sickly and at one time unbalanced man who becomes her guardian on the death of her father. The fact that Silas is broke and greedy and that young Caroline is the heir to her father's great fortune is reason enough for Caroline to be wary. However, her fears escalate when she meets Silas' son and when she discovers that her fearsome former governess, Madame de la Rougierre, is in league with her uncle.

    Here's a clip from this version:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I'm sorry that I can't say for certain that I have the right story. If something else comes to mind, I'll return to add it.

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