Is this resume ok if not what else does it need?

name and last name

00 00 00 st.apt o


(012) 345 6789

job objective - To be a sales person

Summary of qualification - I was a self-employee from april to may of 2007. Selling beauty products. Then in 2009 I was a florist selling flowers at a supermarket from may 2009 to February 2010. Only for few hours.

Work history - Self-employee 2007

florist may 2009 - February 2010

Skills - also talks Spanish

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    This is worse than the last one!!!!!

    Here is what a resume should look like....

    John Doe

    1 Main Street - Anytown, USA 12345

    (123) 555-1234


    University of Sometown– Health Science Center - Bachelor of Science, Nursing

    ~ Winner of Sigma Theta Tau 2011 Baccalaureate Award 

    ~ Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing

    ~ Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society Board Member

    Some Community College (2005 to 2009) -  52 hours of nursing prerequisites, GPA 3.78.

    Some Other Community College  (1991 to 1992) - Completed 12 hours, GPA 3.50.


    The Big Cool Hospital

    Staff Nurse (SICU) May 2011 to Current

    Responsible for assessment and care of critically ill patients.  Duties include caring for ventilated patients, and those on multiple vasoactive drips.  Pain management using IV and oral medications, patches, relaxation, and positioning.  Skin and wound care.  Care of central lines, arterial lines, etc.  I also perform frequent education of patients and family members related to medications, pain management, fall prevention, and reduction of skin breakdown.

    Student Professional Nurse (IMU) December 2010 to May 2011

    Responsible for personal care and vital signs of patients in a 16 bed Intermediate Care Unit.  Duties include assisting with hygiene, ambulation, transportation, and meals, collecting blood and specimens for labs, completing ECGs, and other tasks as directed by nurses in the unit.  Some shift I work side-by-side with a nurse and perform nursing duties including assessment, teaching, wound care, treatment procedures, charting, etc.

    The Big Computer Company

    Product Manager, July 2004 to January 2010

    In charge of product design and maintenance for approximately 30 software packages.  Daily tasks include evaluating software modification requests from clients and employees and researching new software internally and with third-party vendors.

    Group Supervisor, June 1997 to July 2004

    Responsible for developing and supervising customized software implementation plans for new clients throughout the United States.  Managed a team of 10 travelling employees or more, including interviewing, hiring, salary and performance reviews, creating training plans, and terminations.

    Implementation Specialist, November 1992 to June 1997

    Traveled to client sites throughout the United States and The United Kingdom training new clients on the proper use of our turn-key Dealership Management System.

    ~ Company-wide Innovation Award Winner, December 2009

    ~ Team of the Month, Software Implementation, May 2000 & April 2000

    ~ Employee of the Year, Software Installation, 1997

    ~ Company-wide Meritorious Performance Award Winner, November 1997

    Community Service:

    ABC Health Care (Hospice) - Hospice Volunteer, May 2009 to Present

    Big Baptist Church - Youth Worship Leader, 2005 to Present

    Big Baptist Church Cypress - Computerized Check-In Coordinator, May 2009 to Present

    American Heart Association - Member of Northwest Board, 2000 to 2005

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    9 years ago

    Needs to be more organised

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