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Rotavirus shedding是什麼意思?

Two infants (subjects 3 and10) shedintermittently

Rotavirus sheddingin premature infants following first immunization

想問shed intermittently是什麼意思?

Rotavirus shedding的shedding是什麼意思?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Two infants (subjects 3 and10) shed intermittentlyRotavirus shedding premature infants following first immunization早產嬰兒第一次免疫接種後輪狀病毒去除

    想問shed intermittently是什麼意思?

    Rotavirus shedding的shedding是什麼意思?輪狀病毒去除, shedding去除 Intermittently間歇性地shed intermittently間歇性地去除

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