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如果可以的話,我們會再訂B 4000張,湊足5000張出海運

如果不行請告知最小訂購量,另外,想再確認 B 1張=USD2 報價

現在還適用嗎? 謝謝

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  • 9 years ago
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    Can we only order 1000 pieces of item A ?

    If so, we will also order 4000 pieces of item B, the total will come to 5000 pieces for shipping by sea.

    If not, please tell us what will be the minimal piece amount that we need to order. Also, I like to confirm whether the US$2 invoice price

    per piece for item B is still available ?

    Thank you for your assistance !

    2011-10-19 07:23:40 補充:

    想再確認 B 1張=USD2 報價現在還適用嗎?

    can also be translated as:

    I like to confirm whether we are still eligible for US$2 per piece invoice price for item B or not.

    2011-10-19 10:36:05 補充:

    thank you for your supplement explanation. I think this is my weak part of English: Business English. Especially, there are many special term just Business only

    2011-11-02 07:43:27 補充:

    Thank you for correction !

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  • 9 years ago



    三位回答者都寫了"would like to confirm ...."

    這是錯誤寫法, 因為要confirm的是對方, 不是我方.


    1) would like you to confirm if....

    2) would like to ascertain if....

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  • 9 years ago

    「最小訂購量」在商用英文裡面的寫法是MOQ,也就是Minimum Order Quantity的縮寫。

    「另外,想再確認 B 1張=USD2 報價 現在還適用嗎?」

    "Furthermore, we would also like to confirm if the previous quotation of B @$2/pc is still applicable."


    "Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated."


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  • 9 years ago

    A can do only 1000?If possible, we will further set b of 4,000, gather 5,000 seaIf not please let us know the minimum order quantity, and would like to confirm that the b 1 =USD2 quoteNow do you apply? Thank you

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  • SW4
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    9 years ago

    Hi <Name>:

    We would like to confirm a few thing about the order.

    1. Is it possible just to order 1000 pieces of "A" ??

    2. If above is ok, we would order another 4000 pieces of "B"

    just to make it 5000 pieces in total for the shipment by sea.

    3. If not, please advice the minimum order quantity for "A".

    4. We would also like to validate the quote for "B" ,

    is the unit price still US$2 /piece??

    Please advice.

    Best Regards


    商業往來信函, 尤其是關於詢問的部分, 最好用 bullet points.

    很多人習慣一大段落, 夾雜四五個問題...

    回覆者很容易漏掉一兩個問題, 有時候人家回覆來了, 五個問題回了四個.

    自己也不一定能第一時間發現, 等到老闆 or 同事之後再問, 才發現人家沒回.


    不僅收文者能清楚回答, 也幫助自己未來分析整理...

    有時一段時間後, 需要回頭看看當初 e-mail 寫了啥??

    沒有 bullet points, 看起來很累的...!!

    Source(s): 本人...上市公司資訊長
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