Is Brian Wilson a current member of the Beach Boys?

or is he solo?

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    9 years ago
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    Brian Wilson is still a voting member of The Beach Boys. However, he is not part of the current lineup of The Beach Boys band. Brian has been a solo artist for awhile now and tours with the Brian Wilson Band which used to be known as The Wondermints.

    Brian has hinted at maybe doing some new material with Mike, Bruce, and Al but does not want to tour with them.

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    9 years ago

    Brian Wilson is not presently a member of the Beach Boys.

    On September 29, 2011 it was announced that in a upcoming interview with Q Magazine, Brian Wilson said that while he did consider rejoining the group back in May, the rumors of him reuniting with the band were not true and he would not be touring with them in 2012. Wilson went on to say that at least they are trying to keep the music alive. Wilson said that he plans to focus his attention on his upcoming solo projects including his Disney album. Wilson however made no comments on the new Beach Boys music or album which Love had mentioned in the Rolling Stone interview and nothing was mentioned about the music video

  • Lana H
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    9 years ago

    Brian is not a member of the touring (aka fake) Beach Boys. But he is still a Beach Boy (in fact with Denny and Carl gone he probably IS The Beach Boys). He tours solo though. I've seen both acts live, and although I hate to say it (about mike's band) both are pretty good. But Brian's is amazing, it's the closest you'll ever get to hearing what the original band sounded like live.

    *I say fake it that it is false advertisement (imho) because they tour as the beach Boy(s) plural, when the only Beach Boy there is Mike Love.

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