What do I do?? Fiance of 5 years w/ a 3yr old left me! :'(?

My boyfriend/fiance of almost 5 years left me. A month ago he moved out and we were "working" on things. Well in the month he's grown further and further from me. He tells me he loves me and wants our family to work, then the next day he needs space and were broken up. Then on Facebook (I know its just online so dont even start) I saw he commented on this girls pictures on how attractive she is and this and that. I asked him about it and he broke it off. Saying it is never going to work out and that this is what's best.

But im going crazy!! I only work 2 days a week and have nothing but time on my hands. Money is very tight so we dont have cable, video games etc. In the last 5 years, we have relocated twice, both his decision and i agreed. We just moved here 3 months ago and i have no friends or anything anymore. A therapist isn't realistic as i do not have insurance. We have a 3 year old son together, he is very in tune with my emotions and always sences when im upset. I can't stop crying much less get off the couch, i feel like i am not being the mother i should be. I need to get out of this house, get my mind of things and become the mother i used to be for my son. Help me please :'(

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    10 years ago
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    make the effort to find a good bible preaching church, don't judge before you even go, besides nursery for the little one you will meet friends.

    most of all get to know Jesus.

    Also, force yourself to go for walks with your child, maybe to a playground,

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    Chuck E. Cheese could be a rewarding place, even though it may be greater of a "take a woman descendant and leave your son at the back of with a be conscious" particularly of an relatively commerce. Your son would be nice as long as you supply him an excellent style of tokens to tutor how a lot you adore him. basically bear in mind which you won't be in a position to commerce decrease back while your 15 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous daughter comes domicile pregnant, or will become a stripper. you're on your very own.

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    Sweetie, I know how depressing and heartbreaking your situation is, but really, after five years AND a child together, if a man is still not married, he simply doesn't want to commit.

    Also, destroying yourself is no good and will hurt your precious son even more.

    Another thing -- being weak in your ex-fiance's eyes is going to make him despise you. Sorry, but it's true. No one finds 'pathetic' attractive (not your fault, anyone would be heartbroken) but you have got to take control of the situation.

    Make arrangements to go back to your hometown and ask to move in with your parent/s or other family until you can stand on your own two feet (definitely get a lawyer to send your ex a letter demanding child support).... and once it's all set up, GO.

    Then tell your ex that you are 'just going to find Someone Else' and that is that. It will eat away at him.

    Just to make him understand and FEEL his 'loss'. And believe me, it will. If he's a worthy human being, that is.

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    Go home, even if it's just a short trip home. You need to be around other people right now who love and support you.

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    10 years ago

    so put your 3 y.o. in a stroller and go for a walk. preferably to the park or forest. me personally, if i have any troubles - i go to gym. i go to gym without troubles too

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    10 years ago

    Look into that mirror.

    if you were a dude, would you want you?

    become someone that every dude would want. you've got time on your hands. start somewhere.

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