Could I be pregnant? I was not trying this month?

My last LMP was 09/27. I was one day late. My Ovulation date was 10/13, I had sex on 10/12. I was not trying to get pregnant this month. Today is 6 Days post ovulation. I had some discomfort in my back like cramps. Last month when I was at DR I took a clean wrapper speculum home with me. Last night I gave a try, I could not see any thing except for the creamy white discharge. Today while The baby was napping I tried again and saw the cervix opening had some white creamy discharge. It was hard to find the cervix because it look all the same to me! It does feel more moisture down there then previous cycle. What you guys think? Thank you very much!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    jesus anyone?

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