When you are gliding on batman arkham city how do you get him to glide up after a dive?

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Batman Arkham city glide up after dive question
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  • Dr. D answered 3 years ago
You put a gun to his head and tell him pull up *****
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  • thisoneguy answered 3 years ago
    Took me a while to understand this too. If you are using ps3, when you are diving and when it says pull the L trigger, release R2 but keep holding onto X and you should be able to glide back up.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    when jumping off the ledge immediately hit dive then pull back up by releasing r2 you would glide up father than when you initially jumped


    i played the game
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  • hopper answered 3 years ago
    I'm having trouble on ps3 too. Pushing up on L button does nothing at all. The flight looks the same if I'm pushing up or not. Dive bomb causes me to dip to low with no way to pull back up. After 35 times I thought it was just me.
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  • G D answered 3 years ago
    On xbox, pull up on L while continuing to hold "A" and releasing RT.
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  • Evan answered 3 years ago
    use the r3 to pull up.
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