funny japanese costume ideas?

I am looking for funny japanese costumes for Halloween, that most americans would get. Id prefer not to be a dragon ball z character as so many people do that and its not very original. I was thinking about being pikachu and what are the frikken chances my friend plans to be that. So thats out.

So any ideas would be great. Im in college so things people in college would know would be best or stereotypical japanese things

some other examples of what would also be good ideas

sushi chef

ryu from street fighter

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    8 years ago
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    Here are some more ideas:


    -Sumo wrestler

    -Mr. Miyagi from the original Karate Kid movies

    -Bag of rice

    -Ultraman (if you don't know who this is, look him up; chances are that you've seen him before and just did not know his name)

    -Doraemon (there's also a chance that you seen him before but just wasn't aware of his name)

    -Godzilla (or any other character from the Godzilla franchise)

    -some character from Yu-Gi-Oh

    -taiko drummer

  • 8 years ago

    Hiroshima Bomb.

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