I need help with this question that has to do Wall Street?

I'm trying to summarize, "Washington Establishment is Heeding Occupy Wall Street"

The article is:


I'm kind of confused when I read this article and I'm trying to summarize it. HELP!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I think it is saying the Democrat leaders as well as the party as a whole, is trying to embrace the OWS group in the same manner the Republicans tried to embrace the Tea Party. They view the protestors as allies and potential supporters in future elections, the same way the GOP (Republican Party) saw the Tea Party protestors

    Like most Republicans, and the GOP mainstream found the Tea Party had an agenda that did not automatically identify with them, and in fact, instead caused more internal strife within the party, Democrats may very find the same situation thinking the OWS protestors will just fall in line supporting their ideology

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