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Wal-mart lawsuit/settlment in ca only! ?

I worked at wal-mart from 2006-2011 and I've heard of ppl getting settlement checks from the most recent lawsuit against them(I do believe) I know I deserve something for working there for so long and getting treated like crap barely making anything. Was there a paper I was suppose to sign or is there a website or # I can call to find out. I no longer work there. Have a better job now but if anyone can help me out it'd be grately appreciated.

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    The case you are referring to is probably Wal-Mart Stores Inc Wage and Hour Litigation, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No. 06-02069, which they settled last year.

    I'm not sure if you are too late to apply for a check under the case, although you were certainly a member of the class. Contact the lead attorneys here.... to find out.


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    You will have to be more specific. Wal-mart is ALWAYS in the middle of AT LEAST 1/2 dozen lawsuits. NOTHING in your details indicates you are a member of the class for ANYTHING remotely resembling a case with a CHANCE of winning anything, even as a nuisance settlement.

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    You would've had to be named in the suit ahead of time.

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