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Matt asked in SportsBoxing · 9 years ago

Eder Jofre vs Salvador Sanchez. Who wins?

15 rounds at featherweight

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  • teodor
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    9 years ago
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    Joffre is considered as the best bantamweight and among the most compleat boxers ever. Let us not be distracted by his only two career losses which he suffered against the great Fighting Harada, in fights both held in Japan where he lost and then failed to regain his world bantamweight title in 1965-66. He retired in 1967 then make a comeback in 1969 as a featherweight, winning all his next 25 bouts, mostly by KO beating such notable foes as Frankie Crawford, Jose Legra, Vicente Saldivar and Shig Fukuyama ( who held a TKO win over the great Danny" Little Red" Lopez ( whom Salvador Sanchez beat for the featherweight crown later ) and Octavio Gomez. He won the WBC featherweight title by beating Legra and defended the title by KO over Saldivar. He was stripped of his WBC belt for failure to defend it against Alfredo Marcano in 1974 but continued fighting on till his final retirement in 1976.

    Sanchez on the other hand is considered as among the best featherweight boxers and champions of all time who was undefeated with just a draw ( early in his career against a certain Becerra for the Mexican bantamweight title ) at the time of his fatal car crash in 1983. His resume included names as Lopez, Azumah Nelson, Juan La Porte, Wilfredo Gomez and Ruben Castillo. He was to challenge Alexis Arguello for the lightweight title when he died.

    It will be a lulu of a battle but I think Joffre fought more foes with varying styles and the more extensive experience than the ones Sanchez met. In a fight pitting two talented fighters, I think that edge would put Joffre in better stead. His more flexible and varied style of fighting would also provide the difference.

    Remember, the fight would be at the featherweight where Joffre also emerged unbeaten and not at bantamweight where the rigors of making the weight cost Joffre his title against Harada. Joffre was at his full potentials and strongest prime at 126 lbs.

    I see the more versatile Joffre hustling his way to a 12 round close but unanimous decision over the just boxing, counter-punching Sanchez.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Salvador Sanchez will have the size and power advantage at this weight division (featherweight). I think Eder Jofre is the greatest bantamweight fighter and one of the greatest Latin American fighters ever. But Salvador Sanchez was a different kind of beast. He had that wild aura and he never stop coming forward. He has the style of Fighting Harada who beat Eder Jofre when Eder Jofre was never defeated before. Except Salvador Sanchez is a way better brawler, tactician, and has more punching power than Fighting Harada. In my opinion, Salvador Sanchez would knocked out Eder Jofre around the 13th Round.

  • 4 years ago

    sanchez grow to be between the final featherweight champions ever, and he beat wilfredo gomez, who grow to be incredible in his very own weight type. provided that jofre grow to be under no circumstances knocked out, i do no longer comprehend regardless of if or no longer sal could have completed it, yet he could have gained a unanimous selection had it long gone the gap.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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