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Avoiding a flu vaccine?????

I am 15 years old. The flu season is coming up, and that means it's time for my flu shot. However, today in my biology class we were talking about how dangerous they can be. I don't want to get a flu shot anymore, and I told my mom, but she just laughed and said no. Don't I have rights to say no to something like this? I don't want to be injected with mercury any more just to have a chance at staying healthy. And please don't reply saying "she knows what's best for you", because I'm pretty sure I do by now as well too.

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    They aren't dangerous.

    Nothing in the vaccine is in harmful amounts. Dose makes the poison. The type of mercury in vaccines, ethyl mercury, isn't as harmful as methyl mercury.

    The flu vaccine is generally very well tolerated.

    Ignore the antivaxxer.

    Her first link are uncorroborated anecdotes... which isn't evidence.

    Her second link I deconstructed recently: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgZN6...

    Her third link seems to be whining and lying about ingredients. Note that Ethylene Glycol is not anti-freeze as claimed in that article. What's found in vaccines is 2-phenoxyethanol. Although they are both part of the glycol ether family of hydrocarbons, they are entirely different.

    Her fourth link is Mike Adam's from NN, claiming that the CDC admit that the flu vaccines do not work, -in reality, that's not the claim being made at all.

    The influenza vaccines do work. The virus will eventually evolve around any strategy. You are still protected for years to come against those vaccines strains, but new ones have evolved, which is why you need a new vaccine every year.

    Immunity to everything will wane over time, even with the natural infection.

    LAIV is more effective because it triggers an IgA response. The influenza shots stimulate the production of IgG antibodies. Flumist stimulate both mucosal and systemic immunity.

    Antivaxxers are dishonest (and scientifically illiterate) to the core.

    Note that Holly's "big pharma money" argument does not work given that uncontrolled diseases like influenza would generate more money. Think of all the money used to treat secondary bacterial chest infections and other complications. Her arguments hold no water. Note the utter lack of data in her answer.

    And here:



    @ Awful. First of all, **** off.

    What stimulates these inaccurate and totally misleading diatribes critical of those who practice medicine and science? Why are you harrassing this chap? Fear certainly, jealousy almost certainly. Those like you attempt to batter down the walls of reason simply because you find it threatening and dislike being dependent on others more erudite than yourself.

    Source(s): RN/Medical student. I have no ties to any pharmaceutical company
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    Vaccines are safe. They have been proven to be safe time and time and time again.

    Thiomersal (a mercury preservative used in vaccines to stop bacteria growing in it) has also been proven in huge numbers of studies to be absolutely safe. It's been in use since the 1930s with no problems whatsoever.

    Besides with vaccines with thiomersal in contain less than 25 micrograms of mercury per dose. You get way, way more mercury than that just eating a tuna fish sandwich. I'd much rather have that tiny, tiny amount of mercury than all sorts of nasty bacteria growing in the vaccine solution.

    Also consider this - it is ONLY in the USA where this hysteria about thiomersal exists. The rest of the world accepts that it is safe and okay to use.

    Although you are a minor and technically therefore your parents are responsible for making health decisions on your behalf, as you are 15, most health care providers would consider you old enough to have an input. Talk to the nurse and mention you don't want a flu shot. She may or may not go with it.

    As you are (presumably) a fit and healthy teenager, if you got flu, chances are you'd feel rubbish for a few days then recover anyway. It tends to be the old, the young, people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women and the like who are at greater risk of serious health problems and complications associated with contracting flu. In many countries, it is not routinely given to everyone of your age.

    EDIT: In response to some other answers - I do not work for a Pharmaceutical company. I do not receive money from them. I have no connection with any drug company beyond buying asprin in a drug store occasionally. I personally prefer information that comes from research and clinical trials and actualy science, as opposed to stuff that comes from Natural News et al. However I am able to read the evidence and weigh it up. That's why I say vaccines are safe.

    Source(s): FDA - Thiomersal in vaccines: http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAv... UK Department of Health advice on thiomersal in vaccines: http://www.dh.gov.uk/prod_consum_dh/groups/dh_digi...
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    What Cardinal Fang, Rhianna and Weise Ente told you is absolutely true.

    I hope it was not your biology teacher who filled you with that scary nonsense. I understand that it is easy to be persuaded by all internet-rumours that are around. They are designed to do just that. Even the news media are unreliable sources of reliable information.

    It has been looked into how good the news media are at reporting health related stuff: http://www.plosmedicine.org/article/info:doi/10.13...

    In that study they looked into 500 health articles from mainstream media in the US. Only 35% of those were rated satisfactory for whether the journalist had “discussed the study methodology and the quality of the evidence. Only 28% adequately covered benefits, and only 33% adequately covered harms.

    If you want reliable information, the sources you should listen to are those who are used to do unbiased assessment of scientific data.

    For what it is worth, I am not tied to Big Pharma either. I am payed by the taxpayers, and I cause Big Pharma loss of income on a daily basis by doing tests on cancerous tumours, that often show that their expensive drugs won't work.

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    I don't know what misinformed fool told you that flu vaccines are dangerous because they contain mercury, but you have been exposed to more mercury in a tuna fish sandwich.

    Don't believe fear based lies.

    Ignorance is awful*. Spreading it is worse.

    Source(s): *goes the other way as well.
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    You are totally right RJ. Unfortunately you have no say so since you are a minor. If you are healthy there's NO NEED for a flu shot! Healthy people can handle a bout with the flu! Refuse a shot! Tell your mom that you WILL NOT get one! Stand our ground! Good luck!

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    Well your class was wrong.

    Instead of listening to a bunch of high school students, listen to the people who spend their lives working in health care. The vaccine works and save lives.

    And your mom is your legal guardian. What she says goes.

    Edit: Okay stalker, that problem is fixed.

    "Pleading my case" consisted entirely of saying I am a microbiologist/bacteriologist/geneticist.

    Source(s): Microbiologist
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    Ignore the pharma bloggers.

    They cannot force you. What are they going to do, hold you down! I think not.

    Everyone note that Weise Ente has been lying about being a scientist.

    He screwed up here http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=201110...

    He went to the trouble of emailing the person who called him out to plead his case I guess.

    I found a way that I can view all his questions and answers, since he decided to make them all private.

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    Are you in CA?

    I do know that you can get vaxes w/o your parents' permission, as Hepatitis B and Gardasil.

    I do not believe that you can refuse vaxes if your parents want you to get vaxed.

    I am speaking legalities. No, it does not make much sense.

    At age 16 you can file for emanicipation. That could end the vax discussion, but cause other problems.

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    Have your Mom read these flu vaccine adverse reaction media stories:


    And have her read these articles:




    Oh and please ignore the pro-vaxxers they will be here soon trying to discredit my links. Many of them have financial ties to Big Pharma and cannot be trusted. I recommend doing your own research and trusting your own instincts. Also be wary of any government websites claiming vaccines are safe and effective for they also have financial ties to Big Pharma and lie about their safety. Good luck I hope you can get your Mom to see how dangerous these shots are.

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