Sims 3 on Steam, Sims 3 Pets on Origin?

So my cousins bought me the Sims 3 on Steam, I have expansions and everything on it and it's great, but then I wanted to pre-order the Sims 3 pets, so I did it via EA, which is linked with Origin. How do I transfer it over to steam? Also, I got a free expansion, High End Loft Stuff, via Origin that won't install because "It doent see the Sims 3."

Help! What do I do? :/

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  • opurt
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    8 years ago
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    Steam and Origin really don't get along together.

    What I did was to check my CD Key for the Sims 3 in Steam, and then used that key to register the game in Origin. I had to download (and patch) the game again, but then I could use the Origin content with the new Origin copy of the game. Then I uninstalled it from Steam since I don't need 2 copies. I did the same for some other packs I had bought through Steam too.

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  • 8 years ago

    Get the serial number from Steam and head over to

    Enter your code and Origin name and password.


    Refresh your Origin game list

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