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I bought a house 7 years ago with a cesspool. The cesspool still seems to work, but with current FHA regulation I can't sell my house. To make problems worse I don't have many options to upgrade the system. My land doesn't perk and I don't have enough yard to really get 100 feet anyway from the well. Does anyone have advice for me??? I would love if the township would put a sewer line in, but I am not sure how to even start that process. It is definitely a problem on my street.

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    You should have somebody come out from a good reputable company who is in the business of installing septic tank systems and get advice from them if you think it's going to be a problem. Maybe even have someone from your city's building department come out. If your city ever did extend their sewer for you and anybody else, you would probably be paying for that.

    Source(s): Yours truly... My 25 years exp. with a sanitary District in N. CA
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