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What does "naam ke vaaste" mean?

This appears to be a popular Hindi expression, frequently interspersed with English. I'm not familiar with it, but I get the feeling it has a complex meaning not easily translated.

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    Naam ke vaste - literally translates to "for its name".

    It is used to say that things were done for the sake of it, or symbolically, without having done it completely.

    Example- The boy was busy looking at the sweets kept in front of the lord on the day of the festival. His mom insisted on him praying to the lord before he could eat them. The boy said his prayers "naam ke vaste" and waited for the sweets.

    Meaning, the boy prayed for the sake of praying, without actually going deep into it. He said it merely for the sake of saying and finishing it up.

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    familier to name,

    search on google, if u don't understand

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