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Do american citizens needs passport when visiting niagara falls?

Im planning to visit niagara falls and it's kinda confusing to me. So could anyone can answer me?

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    "Niagara Falls" = 2 separate communities:

    Niagara Falls, NY on the US side and Niagara Falls, Ontario on the Canadian side.

    "Niagara Falls" also = 3 separate waterfalls:

    -Canada's 'Horseshoe' Falls

    -The American Falls

    -The Bridal Veil Falls

    It's not necessary to cross the border to see them all from the US side.

    But if you do, here's the State Department's page about Canada's entry requirements -

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    quite verify out the Canadian area--this is a lot nicer. in case you have a automobile--quite force the Niagara limited-access highway from ft. Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Your Winston Churchill as quickly as suggested it replace into the prettiest Sunday force interior the international. it quite is relaxing and eye-catching. NOTL is likewise worth traveling--a old shaped old city, (by North American standards) with some spectacular bistros and eating places. it is likewise abode of the Shaw competition. Like quite everyone else here suggested, all you opt for for is your passport.

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    If you want to visit the Canadian side of the falls you need your passport. You get a better view from the Canadian side

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    9 years ago

    partly in US anyway so don't need on US side of bridge at border-but would to cross bridge into Canada

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  • 9 years ago

    Ummm VERY TOUGH ONE. Since niagra falls is in The USA, umm.. You don't need one... But you need the passport to visit everything elce in America..........

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