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    Silently watch (or observe) its changing.

    You might ask why not change. In my opinion, the statement indicates:

    one is watching or observing an on-going event or process. To emphasize the "on-going", it is better to use "changing" instead of "change". Even though both (changing or change) seem to carry the meaning of the Chinese statement. By the if you use "change", it is in its noun form, not verb, so it loses the action in the meaning.


    Silently watching (or observing) its change,

    Here I use "watching or observing" is like the first translation, One of the

    actions needs to be a continuous process. If it is not "watch" then it shall be "change".

    Both translations carry slightly difference in meaning, try to figure out the difference on your own.

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    I like to change this sentence "one is watching or observing ..." to

    One watch (or is watching) or observe (or is observing) ...

    I think, this way it can give a better correspondence to the explanation to my second translation.

    2011-10-18 07:55:44 補充:

    grammatical error:

    it shall be

    One watches (or is watching) or Observes (or is observing)

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    It is amazing, just a simple phrase, there are so many nice translation ! I think, if one doesn't want to use his own brain, it would be a waste that his parents gave that to him.

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    wait out the development

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    to (stay cool and) watch how it develops (rjamesho +1)

    to patiently observe its further development

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    靜觀其變 其意為

    . 靜靜 的觀察人事物的變化。

    . 如:「事已至此,後悔抱怨也於事無補。

    . 為今之計,只有靜觀其變了。」


    . 1 See and wait [ 動詞用 ]

    . 2 Keep quietly to action [動詞片語用 ]

    . 3 Stand by doing [動詞片語用 ]

    .4 Silence for a change [名詞片語用]

    Both of two partys,A and B, are now championing strongly,

    [.1 ] all of the candidates would seem to be kept quietly to action.

    [2 ] all of the candidates would see and wait .

    [3 ] all of the candidates would have the silence for a change.

    [4 ] all of the candidates can stand by doing

    A, B , 兩黨 當下 競選活動劇烈,

    . 候選人 靜觀其變

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    partys 改 parties

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    靜觀其變The tiller

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    (wait) till the dust settles /till the dust clears itself

    wait for the smoke to clear / till the smoke clears out


    wait till the fat lady sings

    waiting for the other shoe to drop

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    I will be a fly on the wall.

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    watch how it develops...

  • 靜觀其變 口語一點 "wait and see"

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