Survey of buyers intention method?

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    Survey of Buyer’s Intentions (Opinion Surveys): The most direct method of estimating demand in the short-run is to ask customers what they are planning to buy for the forthcoming time period – usually a year. This is very useful when bulk of the sales is to industrial producers. Here the burden of forecasting is shifted to the consumer. In this method, customers may tend to exaggerate their requirements. Customers are numerous, making the method too laborious, impracticable and costly. This method “ does not expose and measure the variables under the management’s control ”. Delphi Method: This is a variant of the opinion poll or survey method. In Delphi Method, an attempt is made to arrive at a consensus of opinion. The participants are supplied with responses to previous questions from others in the group by a leader. The leader provides each expert with opportunity to react to the information given by others, including reasons advanced, without disclosing the source.

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    You need to contact the agent. Who is responsible is open for negotiation. I would try to get the vendor to do it however, when I sold my last house there were a couple of things that came up on the survey but I, the vendor, wasn't prepared to pay to get the jobs done. By doing this I was at risk of losing the sale but I knew that if the buyer didn't back down from urging me to get the jobs done i would have given in so as to get the sale. I was confident though that the buyer really wanted my house so I kind of called his bluff really, a bit mean but needs must and all that. In the end the buyer dropped it and said that he would pay for the repairs. Now that you are the buyer I would stand your ground and see how far you can push it to ensure that the vendor gets the jobs sorted before you agree to purchase the house or reduce the price of the house accordingly. If the vendor plays the same game though as I was playing you'll have to be brave as you may lose your chance of buying your dream home if he/she won't back down but then he/she risks losing the sale. i think in this game it's the bravest that wins. In any case your agent will advise you and remember that they are working for you so don't give in too easily.

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