Finding VARS and PF for open and short circuit test?

Okay, so I'm doing the open and short circuit test and have these values:

Voltage, current and Power.

How do I find the volt-amps reactive and power factor?

Are there different methods for the open/short circuit test?

For Open Circuit, my values were:


I=1.91 A

P=32 W

For short circuit:




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  • 8 years ago
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    First, what is your device? I assume it is transformer, then you need variable n=Vprimary/V secondary. but it is not provided. suppose n is known variable hen Voc=Vopencircuit=> Z ext = V/I

    Rexc=Poc/(Ioc^2); then Xexc=sqrt(Z^2-r^2). You can find the R at secondary by R2=Psc/(Isc^2) the Z2=Vsc/Isc. Z system is known as Zexc//Z2. find angle of Z. from there VAR is found as Vt xI(L) x sin(angle of Z) and PF as cos (angle of Z)

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