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Should i longboard or skateboard?

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howdy! so i see alot of people riding a longboard and skateboard around and it just looks like itd be alot of fun so im interested in buying one and trying it out. ive ridden a ...show more
Update : oh and on average how long do you think it would take to become decent at ...show more
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I personally find longboarding more suited to what I want to do. Im do not see kickflips as anything big, but I find a true rush in bomb hillls or parking garages.
Since you are just cruising, I recommend a longboard. If you want to just cruise flatland, a flexy board will give you a nicer carve, while a stiffer board is much more stable for bombing hills.
I would recommend you trying getting a 36" - 38" board. $40 - $100 is really not going to get you much. You are much better off spending a little more $130ish.
NordBoards is not the best site, and their parts are not the best, but they have a decent price. You get what you pay for.
This would be an okay flexy deck to start with
Here is a decent downhill type setup
This seems to be an okay cruise setup too:
I highly recommend this board if you are willing to spend a little more:

To be good at longboard/skateboarding will take some time. Some people can easily step on a board and ride around, while others dont have balance immediately and it might take a while just to learn to cruise. It look my friend a month to really learn to ride, but he doesnt have as much passion to riding as I would. Learning tricks on either will take practice (lots), while would be fun if you enjoy what you are doing. I find that longboarding doesnt focus on tricks as much, thus having a more welcoming community that just doesnt push people or make them feel bad for not being able to do tricks.

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  • witness answered 3 years ago
    Buy skateboard if you want to learn tricks and get chicks longboard if you wanna cruise and get chicks good luck :) dont get too crazy and try to go pro overnight it takes practice butVERY worth it
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  • IvanA answered 3 years ago
    long boards are harder to control and pick up speed faster. skateboards are more for tricks although you can buy a cruiser deck which is sort of a shorter version of a long board used mostly for transportation, they are fast and easier to control than longboards.


    skateboarding for 4 years
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  • should i longboard or skateboard?
    howdy! so i see alot of people riding a longboard and skateboard around and it just looks like itd be alot of fun so im interested in buying one and trying it out. ive ridden a skateboard maybe once or twice in my life but other than that i have no experience. im not looking to do any tricks or anything but just want to ride it around and i dont really know the difference between the two besides how they look. so what do you guys suggest i buy? and im looking to spend $40-$100 because i dont really dont want to spend too much if i end up not liking it. thanks guys.
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