Southwest and Atlanta?

Southwest Airlines recently announced its service to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, the world's busiest airport would start Feb 2011. They said service would be nonstop to Chicago Midway, Denver, Houston, Austin, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. However, do they have plans of expanding this non-stop service more in the western region, such as from Los Angeles, San Fransisco, or Oakland without the need for connections? Also, are they offering service to Orlando (MCO)?

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    9 years ago
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    ^^(shordud) the above is not necessarily true, and your/shordud's point can be proven false in many ways.

    1. Southwest has acquired AirTran and is taking over the airline's operations and forming one major corporation. Since AirTran has a hub in Atlanta and remains the second-largest there, Southwest will without doubt expand in Atlanta and make it into one of its focus cities, if not a hub, once it is closer to the complete merging with AT.

    2. In addition to this, many of Southwest's press releases and articles reveal that a primary reason for the merger with AirTran was to gain access to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, which is the world's busiest airport. Southwest will definitely expand to take advantage of its position and opportunity to expand into the world's biggest airport and prime location of Atlanta.

    3. Once it starts to fly to Atlanta in Feb 2012 (*not 2011 as stated in the question), Southwest will be in direct competition with Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, which is currently the largest presence and passenger mover at the airport. It will not be able to compete or survive without expanding its nonstop destinations.

    a) add on to #3 - Southwest will benefit greatly from the expansion at this airport already due to its popularity, but also because Southwest has the lower fares compared to DAL which is often the highest-domestically priced airline from major cities across the US. SW has a major advantage here.

    4. As far as the part goes about (shoredude) claiming that Southwest is getting the gates that ATran had before the merger, I have already addressed this by saying that the full acquisition will secure more gates for the unified corporation.

    In conclusion, you can expect Southwest to announce nonstop service from Atlanta to many of the other destinations the airline serves because the merger with AirTran was made for a reason, and that was to gain acess to AirTran's major cities, Atlanta being the biggest.

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    The slots Southwest got at Atlanta were slots that Airtran had before Southwest bought Airtran. Hartsfield-Jackson is too busy to handle any additional flights, so they will most likely only be able to give limited service in Atlanta.

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