Wiccans: I'm forced to study alone?

My family is Catholic, and one of my friend who also studies Wicca moved to Indiana, the other has no time to see me. I tried Witchvox but came up empty. I've been told (repeatedly) that I need someone or a coven to formslly train me. I don't have a choice but study alone, but its hard. Do you have tips for solidary study?

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    9 years ago
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    Merry Meet Sakura,

    If you are interested about learning more about Wicca and/or Witchcraft here are a few legitimate sources to glean knowledge from. First being Witchvox at http://www.witchvox.com/ Here you will gain knowledge through fellowship with other of like mind and knowledge through the countless articles posted. If this is not enough one could look into getting online training through Witch School at http://www.witchschool.com/ or Magicka School at http://www.magickaschool.com/, both have some really good resources plus they have a free first degree program.

    All are pretty decent for learning the Craft on the Web though like any site they have some issues, take what you can and leave what does not work. Also if you are close enough to an active group that specializes in education and development like the SCWF try and join them even if it’s on a limited capacity.

    If you like DVD’s, try Witchcraft Rebirth of the Old Religion by Raymond Buckland (DVD), Discovering Witchcraft by Janet and Stewart Farrar (DVD), Ancient Mysteries Witches by A&E (DVD), Craftwise Volume 1: Candle Magick by Peter Paddon (DVD), Craftwise Volume 2: Cord Magick by Peter Paddon (DVD), Wish on a Spell, Vo. 1 by Deborah Gray (DVD), Practical Magick (DVD), The Craft (DVD).

    As for books I also suggest that you get your hands on Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin and/or The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan. Both of these books are very good reading and both will give you some deeper insight to the Craft and how it relates to you. Also you cannot go wrong with anything by Scott Cunningham. Try your local public library for resources and recommendations, many people donate directly to them for the community to use.

    I also recommend that if you are sincerely wishing to grow in Wicca is to avoid certain groups or sites that promote negativity by insulting others or stirring up trouble. They will only slow you down or even cause obstacles in your walk that could hurt your spirituality.

    I hope my blurp helps out.

    Blessed Be


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    I had to do that as well. Most of my family wouldn't work with me and the one who did died when I was young. So I bought all the books I could and studied. If you are smart enough you will find that not all the books have things which pertain to Wicca or your path you are following. Take from those books which work with the tradition you have started. If there are any (I hate the term) New Age or Metaphysical stores, ask questions. Remember, If you are doing this for witch craft you are not studying wicca. A Witch can be any or no religion he/she wants to be. So not all Wiccan do witchcraft and not all witches are Wiccan, Another thing to recall is that since you don't have someone to study with and are under 18 you might just wait until you are 18 or out on your own. This is a LIFE PATH and if you are not really sure or serious than you shouldn't be in it.

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    You might study the different Traditions and then find a Wiccan teacher within one of them who will train you long-distance. This is particularly plausible if you can get to the teacher about once a year for dedication and other elevations and to perform rituals with your teacher to show your skill set. Some folks do this at pagan festivals such as Free Spirit Gathering or others. I myself have long distance students so I know folks do it .

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    I'm in the same boat, but you don't need a coven. All I can say is read read read! Scott Cunningham and Christopher Penczak are two authors I've fallen in love with-- S.C.'s "Wicca: a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" and C.P.'d "the Inner Temple of Witchcraft" are great books (in my opinion).

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  • You dont really need a coven. The people that say that are some of the leftover wiccans from the 50s and 60s and 70s that have aged. Most wiccans nowadays are solitary wiccans.

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    To start with you don't need a coven, the gods don't care if you worship in a group or alone. Secondly check around the web, there are some good chat forums out there that can provide support and a sense of community

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    You don't need a coven to formally train you. The majority of us study on our own.

    This might have some suggestions:


    Honestly, without a more specific issue at hand, its difficult to give a specific answer.

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    You don't need anyone to teach you. Browse the internet but be sure to sift through all the superfluous/wrong information. Buying a few books will help as well.

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    Which books are you reading?

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    Wicca is only for insecure obese teenagers. By the time you finish high school youll be embarassed and delete all your photos associated with wicca on facebook.

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