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Please help me :( Braces VERY POOR?

For the people who took their personal time to read my question, and try to help me, I thank you very much. My problem is my teeth. I dont like them at ALL. I have always not liked my whole image sinse i forever but i never really minded my teeth till the past 2 years. Im 14 turning 15 in December, and most kids my age are getting thier braces off around 8th grade or maybe even earlier. My mom and I went for a conseltation when i was in 6th grade to see if i could get braces, but unfortunately MassHealth, which is the type of insurance i have, denied my. If you dont know what MassHealth is or have never heard of it, its basicly a type of insurance made for low income families. My mom and I are basicaly on our own, my dad doesnt help my mom or I, so we are very poor. So, about 2-3 months ago i went for another conseltation to see if MassHealth would maybe consider again. The people looked at my teeth, took pictures of them and sent them to MassHealth. AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, THEY DENIED ME AGAIN. I am so heartbroken...all i want it nice teeth :( Im turning 15 really soon and i want them. So what I am asking is if anyone new any information on how i could get braces for very cheap, or even free(that may not be possible) braces are so expensive and my mom cant afford them on her income. Can you recomend any dental offices that have low monthly payments for braces? PLEASE I AM BEGGING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP ME, i am honestly a really poor 14 year old girl who seriously doesnt get anything but deserves one thing in her life. I would do anything to have perfect teeth. Thank you so much if you have taken the time to read this, i truly appreciate it.- Chadsey O'Neill

IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW(hopefully a creepy perosn wont use this information to stalk me..oh god lol)

1.) I am 14 turning 15

2.) I am a girl

3.) I have a perfect alignment with my top and bottom teeth, i have NO overbite, NO underbite, NO crossbite, my teeth are perfectly aligned.

4.) i have over crowding. On my top set of teeth, all are in place pretty well, just that the two front teeth curve in. On the bottom, i just have over crowdedness(if thats a word) they are jsut crooked sideways, but now severly by anymeans.


6.) I live in Massachusettes, in Norfolk county, specifically in Franklin and would need something very clost to me( sorry if all this reading is bugging

7.) If you could imagine what my teeth look like from my description, how long do you think i would have braces for?

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    The problem with dental insurance plans for people who are better off is that they really don't cover much to begin with. Braces, sadly, are considered "cosmetic," despite the fact that they make flossing easier and put the teeth in the proper alignment to eat.

    You can consult with orthodontists, and most will do the consultation for free. They may also be willing to work out a payment plan in order to get your payments down to something affordable for you and your mother. My own orthodontist office worked out a plan when I was facing a massive pay cut. You could be able to find someone that can work with you on what you want. Good luck. :)

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    I had my adult left front tooth grow in before the baby one fell out. Yeah I had a screwed up left incisor for years. It started dying so I had it yanked and I now wear a flipper in its place. At least now I have a nice left front "tooth". It ain't likely you will have to have do that but if it happens oh well, then you can have a couple nice falsies in with your normal teeth. (Cheaper than braces but only do it as a last resort)

    I also know several other people with false incisors due to accidents. So I don't feel like a freak.

    Lots of people have imperfect teeth. Check out Madonna! Try using your fingers to straighten them and yours don't sound as bad as the thing I used to have. I know a couple people who have pressed on them a little here and there to help them out. Also at 17 you can get a job at a place like Walmart (where I work) and get dental benifits if you are full time. That should help.

    What you need is lots confidence. If you have that people won't care about your teeth. Trust me. That's what I did and had no problem snagging boyfriends. (Even when I had that awful gap after the yaning and before the flipper)

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    your mom cant even afford like $100 a month?

    Im really sorry you're going through this and trust me i know how you feel....

    Maybe try and get a job and save up money...there's cheaper places than others soo maybe google something around your area

    Best Of Luck and i really wish i could help but... well. im 14 too

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    well, in my opinion the easiest way to handle this situation is use a little do it yourself. What you should do is just give yourself some jaw surgery. Actually, it is quite easy to do. Just look it up on you-tube and that is the easiest solution. I have given a few of my friends surgery to extraordinary results. Please reply to me with how this works.

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