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the first constitution of the united states?

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    The Constitution we have now is the first constitution of the United States. Before that we had the Articles of Confederation.

    The A of C was an agreement made at the beginning of the Revolutionary War, so the 13 colonies could make the claim that they were together as one 'nation'. But the delegates had a lot of issues, they couldn't agree on much, so the A of C was just a very basic document. They all agreed it was inadequate and it was only meant to be temporary.

    The problem with the A of C was that it gave the federal govt. no power. It couldn't levy taxes on the states or regulate interstate trade, it had no military or federal courts or control over currency or anything like that. So after the war was over and we'd won our independence, the states got together again to draft the Constitution. Which we still have today.

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    articles of confederation.

    it sucked.

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    what about it

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