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Catholics: teenage girl interested in becoming catholic?

I'm 13 and I'm interested in becoming catholic but my parents are strong baptist so I'm wondering where do I begin with converting and what do I do?. Thank you


I really want to do this.

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    B4 u make a big mistake read this: Religion doesnt=the truth/ppl CONFUSE TRUTH (offends many)/HATE/Churches rnt created =. 99% of Cc claims=not Christian. 40+yrs I studied whole Bible some parts many times. JESUS founded Christianity (why it exists-I Cor 3:11) NOT Peter/Oc/Cc. JESUS taught Peter full truth 2 allow him 2 HELP(passed keys [Jesus=Door{Jn 10:1,9}=perfect=final sacrifice] 2 legit Apostles)head churches with/4 Jesus starting with Israel (Rock is Jesus NOT Peter [a human=sinner] {1 Cor 10:4-Bible NEVER changes its usage=DONT GO BEYOND whats written}/Peter imitates but wasnt/replacing Jesus like Cc portrays popes [+throne infallible claim] as-Jesus/Peter NEVER SAT ON EARTHLY throne [HUGE HINT]).

    All 12 Apostles killed/died WITHIN 1rst Cent-Christianity was illegal @ the time/Bible shows corruption already in original churches [yes, Judas had 2 b replaced so orig 12 church foundation Pillars remains intact 2 hold 2 Scripture]-u can b Apostolic {fatherly} if u hv true teaching (ie Paul) but never replace orig Apostle.

    Most orig disciples were killed/died/forced 2 hide by Romans/others=NO CONNECTION btwn Jesus' orig followers/Oc/Cc=orig church was wiped out-isolated pockets of true believers were greatly weakened-easier 4 wolves 2 use Christian label 4 other agendas (esp b/c most were illiterate @ the time-Cc claims didnt give out Bibles 4 1000+yrs b/c ppl couldnt read-why didnt Cc teach ppl 2 read?).

    B assured neither Jesus/Apostles authorized Oc/Cc Apostolic succession [final 12 werent 2 b replaced=God's Biblical fixed order]-next generation added more corruption 4 core Cc beliefs/Constantine's support+more Pagan/OT practices 313-325 AD (later Cc/RCc split). By 390 AD Cc again tied 2 Roman State-Augustine (against Jesus' teaching).

    A church/u cant know Jesus w/o real Biblical directions, skipped by Cc (Cc didnt write any of NT [not Cc text]. Apostles wrote NT in 1rst cent {NT preserved the truth 4 all [purpose 4 being written] not Cc}-God let Cc prod Bible despite wrong teachings [privilege not a right] like He had Romans fulfill prophecy w/o knowing it [happening today]).

    God/Jesus always knew (declared end from start) what'd b written in NT/OT-full truth's complete within its pages (NT explains OT/OT proves NT truth=2 witnesses). Cc possession wasnt until 4th cent (after M Luther many Protestants/others kept Cc's wrong format/some Cc wrong teaching/fatal errors). Jesus' directions werent used 2 start Cc. 2 main lies r (cancels all Cc claims-most rnt Biblical [see below]=false gospel/real revisionist church history):

    1. CC claims 2 b 1rst (oldest)/only true church. Apostles never named their church "catholic (universal isnt God's never changing message)"/never practiced Cc rituals-there's a 240yr gap btwn Apostle's church/start of organized Cc=never part of/true 1rst Church (labels/titles/names, history/# of members/amnt of time it existed/claims about them (ie persecution) r meaningless-whats practiced makes it whole truth or a lie. Calling a dog god doesnt make it God. U can name anything anything-ie Jesus/Biblical prophets were never muslims as Izscam claims).

    2. Peter was never a Cc pope/bishop (ministry 2 Jews/Paul 2 Gentiles-died 240yrs b4 Cc)/no Apostles were Cc members (not in Bible=no apostolic succession). Pope claim is Cc invention-DONT GO BEYOND whats written (I Cor 4:6/Rv 22:18-19). Peter wouldnt call himself pope/b Cc member b/c calling 1self the "Holy" Father+false Cc teachings (no "human" priesthood/rituals after Jesus) r abominations. Even devil knows Jesus is God's Son so b wise-dont trust church "authority" ahead of Bible. Saying ur Christian/believe Jesus doesnt make it true (Mt 7:21-23)/RECITING words is useless).

    Bible severely warns not 2 trust humans/urself, clergy/churches/scholars, scientists/TV-Jer 10:2-5,23/Is 2:22/Job 12:11/Prv 14:12/Acts 17:11. Carefully think over what I say. Dont just believe/dismiss what I write-might save u from getting in2 god[generic]less religions (poisoned tree/fruit/Spirit of religion).

    God outsmarted us-Only the Bible cant b properly known w/o going 2 Jesus (Jn 14:6/5:39/II Cor 3:14/Is 29:11-12-If Jewish ppl cant unveil OT w/o Jesus all gentiles cant-why many interps exist/called fairy tales. Its why most religions r built on ideas/gods man likes-cant all b right (only 1 Bible-why many interps? II Pet 1:19-21). Religion cant teach much about God (cant teach what u don't know). Who knows more about a house, the Builder or ppl moving in later? In history only Jesus said He's the way/truth/life-no1 knows God w/o Him (Jn 14:6/Acts 4:12)-fully true or its a lie=no God (knows all or not God). If Jesus lied He's 1 more false teacher 2 ignore.

    God wont compromise truth. If u do=no Heaven. God hates us b/c of sin but sent His Son 2 die 4 ur sins-Eternal hope is only in Jesus-wasnt talking out 2 nor 1000s of sides of His mouth/His Bible. All real true believers r already (S)saints-S&s r the same.


    Source(s): More Cc lies: Mass (not Biblical) is full of non-biblical rituals/rites,altars; statues (God isnt in2 dead things-can't help/save u-praying 2/using/having them=abomination); Rosary/beads/mother Mary (virgin 2 Jesus' birth) as liaison (Jesus is only way 2 God-not Apostles/saints-Jn 14:6/5:39/10:1,7/Acts 4:12/IS 1-Mary=sinner [no assumption-is asleep {dead} until 2nd Coming]/had children after Jesus-Mt 12:46-50); candles/incense/cross (symbol of curse not Jesus+same reasons against statues); making sign of/stations of cross; pope's/other leader's garb/thrones/rings/confirmation; Cc creed/doctrines/catechism; raising dead/ppl 2 sainthood (only God/Jesus hv such authority); "human" priesthood/monks/nuns; purgatory/devotionals/sacraments; holy eucharist/water; penance/traditional/repetitive type prayers/chants/oral claims; etc rnt Biblical.
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    9 years ago

    Why do you want to become Catholic? That's what the priest (and your parents) will ask you, and if you can't tell us here or formulate a good argument in your own mind before you embark, you're not going to have much luck swaying anyone to take your choice very seriously. I was brought up Catholic by parents who converted later in life (but before I was born). My mother was a Southern Baptist. Her (Baptist and Protestant) family are all kinder and gentler and more loving than anyone I have EVER met in a Catholic church, but maybe that's just her family... Today, I can only see what is wrong with the Catholic church and I want nothing to do with it. But, that's my choice.

    I wanted to convert to Judaism when I was 13 because many of my friends were Jewish and I just liked a lot more things about their faith (their knowledge of their religion, to begin with) than my own. While I admire many Jews, I'm glad I didn't do it. Today, I'm respectful of other people's religious affiliations/beliefs to an extent, but I am not a practicing member of any religion. That's my choice; I'm not saying it should be yours.

    If you think this will hurt your "strong baptist" parents in some way, then your desire to convert begs the question, "Are you intentionally trying to hurt or punish them in some way?" If so, that is NO reason to convert. I think you should discuss it with them before you go running off to talk to a priest, who will be all too happy to rush you through the catechism classes and other formalities to take your allowance money every month.

    You're young. Examine your options before you make any rash decisions. If you still want to be a Catholic, then call a Catholic church and make an appointment to talk to a priest. I imagine any priest counseling you will want your parents' consent. I hope so, anyway.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    There are a couple things.

    First, and incidentally really, there are Baptist preachers who have become Catholics and they can be found on Marcus Grodi's Coming Home Network if you need that kind of help.

    You have three starter options.

    1) To learn the Catholic Faith to the depth you want, take the free anonymous no-committment Knights of Columbus Correspondence Course in the Catholic Faith. Comes in plain envelope. You quit whenever you want, you are in control, you can ask any questions you want, to an expert and get a reply.

    2) You can contact the national Information center

    The Catholic Information Center (CIC) provides resources to help believers live their Catholic faith in their professional work and family lives. The CIC also provides non-Catholics an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith.


    1501 K St., NW

    Washington, D.C. 20005


    Phone: 202.783.2062

    Fax: 202.783.6667

    Email: contact[at]

    3) You can get the annotated Catholic Catechism and learn what is and what isn't involved in the Catholic Faith.

    Catholic Christianity: A Complete Catechism of Catholic Beliefs Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Paperback)

    ~ Peter Kreeft

    4.8 out of 5 stars (26 customer reviews)

    I went to all this trouble because I have been in your situation AND I know that if you don't move somehow on what you know to do, you will not wake up for decades possibly.

    I will start remembering you in my daily Rosary.

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  • 9 years ago

    First off speak with your parents regarding converting to Jesus Christ's Catholic Church. Tell them you wish to explore the Catholic faith,that you would like to enroll in RCIA classes. Then go to the closest parish to you and speak with the priest or the religious education director and they can help answer any questions you have regarding RCIA or the Catholic Church. Im sure you will need your parents permission. Perhaps take one of your parents with you when you inquire about RCIA so they will be informed of the process. Also if you have friends that are Catholic, see if you can attend Mass with them.

    Catholic Christian convert †

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  • 9 years ago

    I am actually a catholic teenage girl myself, so i hope my advice is more helpful.

    Anyways i'd recommend if you have any catholic friends your age, try going to youth group with them at their catholic parish. i understand with parents who are strong baptists so it could be hard to get them to take you to mass to see the faith in action, but i would still try taking a trip to a local catholic church. Also talking with a priest about how to begin converting will help a lot:)

    the Catholic faith has so much to offer, and a lot other religions can't offer, i couldn't imagining not being a catholic. if your parents are okay with it, i would begin ur journey towards Catholicism tomorrow:) hope this helps.

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  • 9 years ago

    You can start by learning prayers. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. Divine Praises, the Angelus. Attend mass when you can, but don't take communion. Also, adoration is a wonderful thing. If they have chapels in your area.

    I'm afraid if they aren't going to take you to a Catholic Church for spiritual education, then you'll have to wait until you are an adult and can take RCIA on your own. "Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults."

    I heard a man speak once. He was raised Jehovah's Witness. He had to wait until he was 18 to convert. He used to pray the rosary several times a day, on his fingers, in secret.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well I would say visit a local Catholic church and talk to a Priest, you could also talk to Catholic friends you may have. I am a Baptist and I love my church however I have been looking into Jehovah's Witnesses. I've just been talking to people of the church and friends who are members of the church.

    Source(s): Teen also going through church switching process.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am Catholic but have gone to many Baptist churches.

    All I have to say is good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    For now, you listen to your parents, while you begin a comprehensive study of the Catholic faith.

    Then, when you're old enough to make your own decisions, you decide.

    Start here:

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  • Sun
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    9 years ago

    Simply going to catholic school would do, but you need your parents to do that....

    Attand the church and ask the priest, they would gladly help you, they look for people like you.

    although i would suggest you study science instead, you'll find out when you gain more knowledge that catholic is useless

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you may have to get one parent permission , you then enrol in a course called the r.c.ia. ,which starts approx. sept / oct. finishing with your conversion the following easter .

    speak to your parents as a matter of courtesy and love

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