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Why does the MSM work so hard to make OWS look like an Obama rally or socialist revolution?

When in fact I have seen people there from all walks of life with many different messages, to include libertarians, tea parties and republicans...ALL sick of the govt and banks

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    Because that's what its becoming and the people who seem to be leaders are far left socialists. As they WANT state tyranny and WANT the government to murder everyone that does not think like them and use the threat of death via a "governmental monopoly of force". That is the definition of socialism. I liked it when an OWS supporter said to paraphrase that they 'couldn't wait for the socialist revolution so they could stand over my corpse while my family watches on crying.' To impose there will on the populace to create there utopia. It has never worked and never will work. And unlike these idiots we will fight, actually fight if we have to. They on the other hand are cowards who will leave the murdering of politcal opponents to government thugs.

    This whole movement stinks. I could of gotten behind it but its comprised of idiots and crazy people led by people who support the very things they say they oppose. I know my world history and I know where the path they want will lead.

    Edit: The Truth is HERE says they are genuinely patriotic. So are the tea party but in your eyes its a bad thin. And one of the stated goals of the leadership of OWS is to 'destabalize the economy'. Does that sound patriotic?

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    They are trying to demonize them because they are genuine and patriotic.

    True story: I actually know of a reporter who was fired then blackballed out of the entire industry for mentioning the negative effects of Coca Cola in her report about child obesity (as you can imagine, coke sponsors who were funding the station, watching that episode were not to pleased and decided to drop them).

    Source(s): It's the same theory.
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    Because 0bama started the class warfare crap and still is pushing it.

    Have you forgot his continual harping againsts millionaires and billionaires while pushing his failed porkulous 2?

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    They are systemically meme deficient.

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