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Can you get rid of allergies to perfumes and fragrances?

Is it possible? My mom has really bad allergies so I can't burn candles or incense, wear cologne or perfume, use air fresheners or fabric sprays, and we can't use a lot of household cleaning products because my mom has severe allergies. When a smell really bothers her she complains of chest pains and one time it was so severe that 911 had to be called, she's a cashier and one day at work someone was buying some Lysol and some of it leaked on her hand and it ended up causing her to stop breathing.

She never use to have allergies that bad but ever since she went to a doctor to be tested for allergies I guess they did a prick test but they did wayyy too many at one time and ever since then she is now really allergic to a lot of things that she wan't allergic to before. Is there any way to reverse that at all?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    you can't get rid of allergies..only treat the reactions

    you can develop allergies at any point in your life

    they only get worse with each contact

    she can have a simple blood test...much safer than the RAST (skin prick)

    since they use IeGs on the needles & they go into your body

    I can't be around Lysol either..she may have a chemical allergy to the

    formaldehyde they put in Lysol.It really does me in to go near where it

    has been used

    formaldehyde is used in many products

    I had 5 series of immunology shots over my lifetime...they did a RAST test 25 years ago..I immediately swelled up & passed out for 5 they only do the blood test,which

    is safer...the last one I had showed I am severely allergic to latex/rubber/elastic..I worked for 12 years in the dental field without knowing I had it...

    I believe all the immunology shots & RAST test made me as bad as I am

    my son has severe allergies too..his Pulmonary/Allergist was able to review my medical charts..he was amazed I wasn't dead from some of the things they tried out me.He couldn't tel me & I can't get copies of the records because they are all closed studies.Due to him being my son's dr & my written consent he legally could review my charts.

    I sure hope your Mom stays safe with her reactions

  • 10 years ago

    There may not be a way to rid her of all of her allergies, but this book may help. We now live in a world where synthetics and chemicals are taking over and different people react differently to this. Also, allergies can just come on as we age and some people out grow allergies. This may help, Green Clean Book: A comprehensive book on how to make your own GREEN NATURAL cleaning products! It is an ebook for $9.97 and comes with a 100% money back guarantee from the author.

  • Ken G
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Not easily.

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