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I have an interview with an insurance agency ! My first real interview help!?

Im 19 and I've only worked for little stores here and there. An insurance agency called me because tthey saw my resume online, and wanted me for a job interview. Well my resume wasn't all that great, I worked at chuck echeeses, jcpenney, and stuff. Im pretty shy but I won't to wow these people during the interview. Im not sure what the job is, i can only assume insurance agent?? What are some things they may ask me and what are things I should say. How should I wow these people?

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    This is not an interview to be an Agent. Perhaps you can educate yourself on what an Insurance Agent is -- I HIGHLY encourage you to do so. You walking in there asking if this is an interview to be an Agent would make you look silly.

    Agents typically have people who work for them (insurance representatives) who are licensed to sell various products, the main one being Auto and Home Insurance. To sell Auto and Home Insurance you need to have a "Property & Casualty" License (P & C). Next common would be Life and Health, to sell just that, Life and Health Insurance.

    You must be comfortable SELLING. Being shy would not be a good attribute. Being smart, friendly, outgoing and not being afraid of rejection would make you a good candidate to sell insurance products.

    To get an insurance license you would buy materials to study for your exam. So look online for Property and Casualty Licensing study material for your state. You can study books, online courses or classroom courses. Once you feel like you are ready, you will take an exam at a designated testing center and if you pass (70 or above) you will get your license. For you with no experience you should give yourself a few weeks to learn and to study before you take the test.

    Do a little research to familiarize yourself with an Insurance Agency as well as for the company interviewing you -- that will impress them. Good luck.

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    You've aced the first part. It's very difficult to get interviews so there must be something in your resume that attracted them. You need to go onto the insurance agents or company website, learn everything you can about the company, go into their job board and see what is available. There were probably key words you used in your resume that matched jobs they have posted. Most companies call people in for interviews based on a computerized selection of word matches. Try to read up on all the different types of insurance to have a little knowledge. Go to,/ read some blogs and articles and I think you will find it very helpful. Go in with a firm handshake, big smile and have fun with it.

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    It does not matter. You do not have to wow them. The agency is either Farmer's Insurance, Primerica, or World Financial Group. Everyone who posts a resume online gets called. They do not need to be wowed, because they are not really looking for someone to do much of any work. The "job" consists of getting your friends and family to buy the insurance that this agency sells. Once all your friends and family either buy it or decide not to buy it, they will not need you anymore. They actually have more than enough employees for the number of potential customers. They recruit more workers only because some customers who do not want their products will buy anyway to help out a friend or relative who is selling.

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    They will be interviewing you as a customer service representative or receptionist, I'd be willing to bet. You will need good people skills and basic computer skills with microsoft office programs. They will train you to do the job, but these skills will be mandatory.

    You won't be able to wow these people, they don't want you for the shock factor. They want someone stable and cheap (CSR's don't make what licensed producers make). You will be able to work your way up within the agency most definitely, I would make sure to ask about that during the interview.

    Questions to ask:

    1. Would you pay for licensing classes? Obviously, you wouldn't want to commit the resources off the bat, but after a year of employment, would you be willing at that point?

    2. Opportunity for advancement; will I be able to move up from my entry position?

    Good luck, insurance is a good field.

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    You ain't gonna wow nobody. They want to see honesty,sincerity, and someone that wants to work and be productive and learn something that will get them somewhere, not a dead end job. Just tell them you are a quick learner and you won't cheat them on their time. You will try your best to pick up what they are layin' down, and you would be thankful for an opportunity to get a meaningful career started.... If you land the job, don't ever slack off, 'cause they will be watching.

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    With luck, it's an entry level customer service job. You'd wow them with CONSERVATIVE dress, good manners, and excellent communication skills. They'll be training you to do the job the way they want it done.

    I've done this a lot - I can get a great quality worker hiring a bright kid straight out of high school, who can read and write, speak proper English, and has a good work ethic.

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