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Please help,What happened in the calculator after putting sine an angle how this operation takes place inside? know sine(30) first you enter it in the calculator =1/2.

how the calculator do that?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Historically, many calculators have used an algorithm called "CORDIC". In this algorithm, one starts with the vector (1, 0) and then, by a sequence of matrix multiplications, rotates it clockwise or counterclockwise by each of a sequence of angles. The sign of each angle is adjusted so that the sum of the total rotations is approximately equal to the angle, θ, one wishes to rotate by, and the magnitudes of the angles are chosen in advance so that the matrix multiplication can be done by shifting and addition. After these operations, one ends up with a vector which is approximately equal to (cos θ, sin θ).

    Source(s): "A survey of CORDIC algorithms for FPGA based computers", Ray Andraka,
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