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Does my male friend like like me???!!!?

well me and my friend shannon was at the park down my street one day,and then this boy came into the park with his skateboard and me and my friend shannon said hi and we started talking to each other then he mentioned he just moved here from the states.

so he went back as he did not do all his packing so he went back home and we met him at the park the next day... and we played baseball with him and my other 2 american friend's and me and shannon had chewing gum and i said do u want a chewing gum and he said sure then i remembered that it was in my bra and he was right next to me and he saw me pull it out and he said dude you hide it there... and i was so embarrasted that you can't explain and when we was starting to play baseball he picked the team's i was in his team with his brother and him.

and my 2 other friend's were in shannon's group and shannon was getting jelouse

and she said in front of chris hannah first you take chewing gum out of your boob and then chris said he liked that

and i was shocked and shannon said i wonder who will teach me how to skateboard and he said i don't teach people how to skateboard and then he asked if i wanted him to teach me how to skateboard and as shannon was watching getting a bit shy and stuff he hugged her in a friendly way sayig what's wrong then i said to him why did you hug shannon and he said do u wanna hug and i said okay then he hugged me

Then next day

me,chris and shannon was walking in the forest and he was infront of me and shannon and he said to me you ain't looking at my body are you??! then i nodded by head loads of time's when he was not looking then he turned his head and i was nodding still then he laughed

and when we came out of the forest he took my brecklast off and he tryed it on then he put it back on me again... and shannon was getting jelouse and she said look at my pearl's and he ignored her

then one day i was out side on my wall and he said hi and i said hi back then he asked me if i would like to hangout with him and his brother so i said sure then we went to the park again and he asked me do u and shannon really go out with someone and i said no and he said ohh then we was talking and talking then he was talking about girls all the time and he said knock for one of your friend's so i knocked for her but she was not aloud out then i went back to the park and john was there with my 2 friend's and his brother and i said she was not aloud out then he said oh okaay then he said do u want to go on my bike and my friend said i think he's asking you out then he said no im not

and then said im gonna walk hannah home and i said y and then said just to say goodbye and then i said are u trying to get rid of me then he said no .. and we was sitting near each other and he said have u ever gone out with a guy he know's i have he's asked before and i said yes then he said have you madeout and i said nearly and he said cool and then my 2 friend's were going inside and i said im gonna go home now then he said wait and he got his bike and while he was on his bike and i was walking he said yet's go babe then i looked weirld and he said can i call u babe and i said if you want then he said babe babe babe will u go out with me and i ignore him and he said it again and i ignored him and because i ignored him he said he was joking then he said unless you want me to be seriouse then i got to my house and i went back in then next day he knocked for me

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    Yeah he obviously likes you. :-)

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    Yes, he likes you, in general, if you have male friends that are supernice/friendly to you, they are either gay, or they like you :)

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  • 8 years ago

    lol...he likes your friend shannon. sorry

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