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What does Portia de Rossi see in Ellen Degeneres?

For one thing I always thought Portia De Rossi was straight and never knew other wise until she became involved with Ellen Degeneres. That said physically speaking she could have done so much better. I have no idea what she sees in Ellen based on the side of her personality that Ellen shows to the public. She seems bland and boring in her act and on her day time talk show. I have never seen much personality out of her and her jokes aren’t very funny. I doubt that she’d be dramatically different behind closed doors but on television and in her act she just seems like too much of a regular person who wouldn’t be particularly fun or exciting to hang out with. She seems like a nice person but so many nice people end up alone because they haven’t got anything else that attracts people to them. In short how exactly did Ellen land someone like Portia De Rossi?

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    hmmm. lol, if I were lesbian I would totally go for Ellen. I think she has an innate beauty and has a heart of gold. Like it or not, Ellen is a regular person, as is Portia. Did you see the episode where Portia was on promoting her book, Unbearable Lightness? You could see why they love each other. Ellen felt Portia's pain and when they looked each other in the eyes you could see their love. Portia is supermodel beautiful, Ellen is normal, everyday person beautiful (please don't tell me you can't see that). It happens all of the time in the 'real' world (though I do think they live in the real world). One spouse/partner is always going to be more attractive than the other. It's how it is. I don't know. My opinion! I think they're both beautiful, smart, generous, and loving.

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    You sound like a lesbophobe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and lesbians/bi women can be feminine, masculine or anything in between - just like straight women. IMO, Ellen is a soft butch and I guess Portia likes it that way. Ellen isn't my type, but neither is Portia. Personally, I never understood gay couples where one is feminine and the other is masculine. To each their own, I guess. Both Ellen and Portia seem a little too insecure, especially Portia (who even suffered from anorexia). There are so many stronger, hotter and more interesting lesbians out there - in the REAL world.

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    See the cool element is we don't ought to define our family on your classic techniques in any respect. I say it has as a lot to do with logistical undemanding sense. Ellen DeGeneres is a sort call now, she's had a entire of three shows below her namesake. all at once changing it to Ellen de Rossi properly, basically isn't smart. As for who's the "husband".............hummmmmmm........c... me loopy. yet i've got continually concept Portia became right into a splash butch in her very own femme sorta way. LOL Yeah.............i'm valuable that doesn't make sense to an excellent style of ya'......yet to those that 'comprehend" get it hahahahahahaha! L edit: I additionally needed to show out the portia de Rossi is a point call, and not her start call.

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