backpacking trails in Tucson, AZ?

i have most my gear ready and im dieing to get out there! i was planning on hiking thanksgiving break since thats when i might have school and work off. only problem is, i have no idea what trail to try first. anyone know any good trails for a beginner? im planning on staying two nights. thanks!

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  • casey
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    9 years ago
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    Just outside of Tucson, to the north, is Mt. Lemmon with peaks around 9,000 feet in the Santa Catalina National Forest, info. is available from the local rangers' office. My favorite trip is into Lemmon creek and Wilderness of Rocks area. The trailhead begins just outside the little community at the end of the road around the 8,000+ feet in pine and aspen forest with good year round spring water available about 4 miles in at Lemmon Creek.

    Just to the south-east of Tucson is Saguaro National Monument, managed by National Parks. There is a trail head that begins at the east end of Speedway Blvd at 2,400 feet in elevation, Mid-Sonoran Desert, and climbs in 12 miles to over 8,800 feet, Candian Alpine environment. It's a brutal hike during August, well worth the effort though if you witness a thunderstorm move across the desert below you. {drank 6 qts. of water in 8 hours and ran out still 4 miles from the top, found a little water at Helen's Dome about 50 feet below the trail} Douglas Springs Camp is in 6 miles and water there is not dependable, Grass Springs is 8 miles in and has dependable water. Grass Springs is a couple of miles out of the way if you are going for the top at Manning Camp. Manning Camp located at 8,400 feet where there is a year round spring, small pond, Parks' Service cabin where the personnel, campsite with firepits/grills, and picnic tables. There used to be a huge New Years Party at Manning Camp every year. There was also 4 to 6 feet of snow on the ground normally.

    Have fun, U. of A. is a good school and Tucson is a great place to live..Once you discover places like Reddington Pass and Agua Caliente Canyons where you can go for a quck dip through most of the spring and during the summer rainy season.

  • chris
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    9 years ago

    Here is a list of 80+ hikes in your area hopefully one of them will work out.

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