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Will Obama succeed .............?

Will Obama succeed in his effort to destroy Capitalism and replace it with Socialism or will the " Silent Majority " finally make it's voice heard in the polling booths by voting Obama out of office in November, 2012 ?

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    His days in public housing will end in 2012. Hopefully, the new President will also get Obama's illegal alien relatives out of public housing and back to Kenya the day after he takes office.

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    How can one suggest that President Obama is attempting to "destroy capitalism" (not a proper noun, so no capital "C" is needed) when the 1300 greed-driven for-profit insurers that existed prior to the health care and insurance reforms (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA) have not gone away---there are STILL those same 1300 for-profit (capitalist) insurers in operation, but now they have to be fair to consumers?

    You need to turn off the hyped and hyperboled Faux "news" and its bile-spewing affiliates long enough to actually LEARN what programs in the U.S. are socialist and how these programs keep capitalism in check for the good of the American people. The United States is now and has always been a yin-yang balance of socialism and capitalism, with each one keeping the other from going too far. Socialism in America includes our police and firefighters, the courts, national parks, highways and roadways, public schools and colleges, Social Security, the VA medical system, our U.S. military, bridges and tunnels, Medicare and Medicaid, mass or public transportation, public libraries, the FDA (for food and medicine safety), the FAA (airline safety standards), OSHA, and various other people-protecting government programs that help rein in bottomless-pit CORPORATE GREED that threatens to destroy our economy and our nation.

    Somebody has been feeding you a line of HOOEY! Read and in their entirety, Grasshopper...and LEARN!

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    There is no such thing as the silent majority. There are two groups, Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party. The Occupy Wall Street seems to have the edge because Moderates like them better as they are not afraid to compromise for the good of the country.

    Edit: Bravo to Armchair Goddess # 1

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    Silent Majority will speak.

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    oh please, no one wants to destroy capitalism. Certainly not in America. Read a history book about the great depression. Not even in the depths of great economic collapse did America resort to communism.

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    I hope he fails hard.

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    Conservatives should be more concerned with this question...

    Source(s): ...Will the sky ever fall?
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