What causes veins to thin? ?

When i was younger i was scared to death of needles, but i had no reason to be Whenever i would get my blood drawn the

nurses always told me i had perfect viens (whatever that means) and it was always easy to take my blood once i calmed the hell down. Recently though, when i went to get my blood drawn, it left a bruise on my arm that stayed there for two weeks. Then last tuesday i went to the hospital and had to get an iv. First the nurse took 10 minutes to find a vein because my viens were "so thin" and when she went to put it in my hand, my vien busted.... I got the flu shot for the first time this year, Could it be from that? The hospital told me everything was fine, i was just dehydrated cause i hadnt eaten in days due to morning sickness. Also, another little bit of info that could help. This past spring i started to get horrible headaches to the point i couldnt see and dizzy spells and would occasionaly get sharp shooting pains im my fingers (this was before i was pregnant) and those shooting pains have gotton more frequent recently. I had a appointment with the nuerologist, but ended up having to cancle and now i cant get another appointment. Any ideas on what this could cause the thinning veins?

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    You have either a vitamin C or a vitamin K deficiency. Take a full vitamin once a day. Some people get a little nauseous if they take it on an empty stomach, so take it with dinner. My bet is that it's a C deficiency, so try to add some fruit and juice into your diet too. That one is more common than K for a problem. The results won't be immediate, but keep it up and it will help a lot.

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