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In terms of longboarding, are abec 7 bearings better than abec 5 bearings?

or the other way around?

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    You cannot tell anything by the ABEC number. It is a spec for vibration in machinery that runs at speeds thatwouldd be over 150 mph on your board.

    It became popular because the "precision" grade bearings that used to be used are anything except precision. ABEC 1 bearings were a hugeimprovementt and the marketing people love anything they can claim higher numbers on.

    Inline skates and boards use the same bearings. The top makers (Zero Drag, Twin Cam, Bones) actually design their best bearings that to not meet any ABEC standard so that they can have clearances that roll better, but frequently use the number 9 (sometimes saying equivalent to ABEC) in their lit so that those who are hooked on the larger number is better BS will not avoid a numberless bearing.

    What is better to you? Speed? Life? Resistance to rust when you are in the rain?

    Know your bearing makers and what they do really well. Bones is known for rolling really well but needing more maintenance and rusting really easily. Twin cam is known for being super resistant for wet. Zero Drag is not as well known but roll very fast and are reasonably resistant to moisture.

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